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February 1, 2021
2:30 p.m.

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Vaccination Sites Will be Open Tuesday, February 2
People concerned about weather related travel can easily reschedule their appointments

Vermont’s state run COVID-19 vaccination clinics will proceed as scheduled on Tuesday, February 2. However, because of the anticipated snowfall, people who want to can easily reschedule their appointments.

Most areas of Vermont are forecast to receive between six to 12 inches of snow between Monday night and Wednesday morning, which could impact travel. If you have an appointment to receive the vaccine at a clinic on Tuesday, you should monitor the weather and postpone travel if you have concerns about making it to your appointment safely.

State officials emphasized that you will not miss out on your vaccine. Those who cannot make it to their appointments or prefer to not travel should call 855-722-7878 to re-schedule. You will be given a new appointment for the same time on a day later this week. If that day isn’t convenient, you can ask for a new appointment on a later day. You will not have to begin the registration process all over again.

The Health Department is also reaching out to people who have appointments Tuesday to advise them of the weather conditions and offer the option of re-scheduling.

People who have registered to get their vaccine at Kinney Drug should contact the store at which they made their appointment to determine if the clinic will be open or how to reschedule.

Vermonters are highly encouraged to monitor weather conditions closely and not to travel if driving conditions are difficult.

For information about registering for a vaccination appointment, visit or call 855-722-7878.

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