The public is invited to provide input on proposed rules and regulations. Details about proposals currently open for formal public comment will be listed here. You may submit comments via email, U.S. Post, or at a public hearing.

Note about publicly available information: ALL COMMENTS received before the close of the comment period are available for viewing by the public, including any personally identifiable, and/or confidential information that is included in a comment.

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RULE titlesubject/ Actionstatuspublic hearingPUBLIC comments

Manufactured Food Rule Text





Effective 8/1/2024

Filing Forms for the Manufactured Food Rule



Contact: Natalie Weill at [email protected]


Vital Records Rule Annotated TextRulemaking


Filing forms for the Vital Records Rule

ICAR Hearing / January 8, 2024 / 2:00 p.m. / Virtual Meeting

Virtual Meeting link can be found in the agenda on this website

Contact: Natalie Weill at [email protected]
Unused Drug Repository Rule Annotated TextRulemakingLCAR

Filing forms for the Unused Drug Repository Rule

LCAR Hearing June 27, 2024 / 10:00 a.m. / Pavilion Office Building, Room 267, Montpelier, Vermont 05633 / Hybrid Meeting


Contact: Brendan Atwood at [email protected] and [email protected].


Reportable Communicable Diseases RuleAdopted

Final Adopted

Effective 8/10/24

Filing forms for the Reportable Communicable Diseases Rule

--Contact: Natalie Weill at [email protected]
Recovery Services Organization Certification Rule Annotated TextRulemaking

Public Comment

Filing forms for the Recovery Services Organization Certification Rule

Public Hearing / July 9, 2024 / 11:00 a.m. / AHS State Complex, 280 State Street, Waterbury, VT, Room 280 Beech Conference Room / Hybrid Meeting

Virtual Details:

Microsoft Teams

Join the meeting now

Meeting ID: 250 322 403 543

Passcode: y8FKvU


Dial in by phone

+1 802-828-7667,,175551031# United States, Montpelier

Find a local number

Phone conference ID: 175 551 031#


Public Comment period closes July 16, 2024.

Contact: Natalie Weill at [email protected]


* Looking for public comment on the State Health Assessment? Visit our State Health Assessment Page

During Public Comment Period

Email Comments to: [email protected]

Mail comments to:
Staff contact (see specific proposal above for name)
Vermont Department of Health
280 State Street
Waterbury, VT 05671-8300
ATTN: Public Comment

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