Dental Health Surveillance & Reporting

We gather dental health information about Vermonters so we can improve the quality of life of Vermonters.  Improving dental health is an important component to improving overall health. The Burden of Oral Disease in Vermont includes information about the dental health of Vermonters, with comparisons to national data and Healthy People 2020 targets whenever possible. Keep Smiling Vermont are surveys of the dental health and treatment needs for specific populations of Vermonters. See how well we are meeting our oral health goals through our Healthy Vermonters 2020 Scorecard.

Keep Smiling Vermont: The Oral Health of Vermont's Children
Keep Smiling Vermont: Oral Health of Vermonters in Nursing Homes
Local Health Office Dental Health Data

These are presentations that show how Vermonters in different parts of the state are doing on the topic of dental health, including preventive and access to care, risk factors, and dental health outcomes.

Dental Health Statistics and Information
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