Resources for Town Health Officers

person handing town health officer a water kit

The Health Department offers information and resources for town health officers (THOs) about significant public health issues and their role in their community. Below are some resources sorted by topic that may be helpful to town health officers.

For additional information, the Town Health Officer Hotline is available Monday through Friday (except state holidays), 7:45 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. at 800-439-8550.

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Know who to call for an issue: Resource List for THOs

Topic Title Description
Bed Bugs Don't Let the Bed Bugs Bite: What You Need to Know Fact sheet that describes bed bug infestations: how to identify, confirm, handle and prevent them
Bed Bugs Pests and Bed Bugs in Your Home Web page on bed bugs including a "Bed Bugs 101" video
Bed Bugs Bed Bug Protection Tips Presentation with general information on bed bugs and protection tips on how to prevent infestations
Cyanobacteria (Blue-Green Algae) Cyanobacteria (Blue-Green Algae) Web page with a video on how to identify cyanobacteria, plus guidance for Vermont communities
Cyanobacteria (Blue-Green Algae) Cyanobacteria Health Alert Poster To post at recreational areas when cyanobacteria are present at less than bloom levels or in areas that are not used for swimming (e.g. boat launches)
Cyanobacteria (Blue-Green Algae) Cyanobacteria Swim Area Closed Poster To post at recreational areas when there is a large cyanobacteria bloom covering most of the swimming area
Cyanobacteria (Blue-Green Algae) Lake Conditions Check recent cyanobacteria reports on the Tracker Map or see the weekly summary for Lake Champlain and some inland lakes during the monitoring season (from about mid-June through fall)
Drinking Water Drinking Water Web page with links to the lab and which contaminants private well owners should test for, plus a video on how to use drinking water test kits
Health Order Emergency Public Health Order Template Template for writing Emergency Public Health Order
Health Order Emergency Public Health Order Example of an Emergency Public Health Order
Health Order Public Health Order Example of a Public Health Order
Health Order Notice of Intent Example of a Notice of Intent
Health Order Procedural Rights Example of a Statement of Procedural Rights
Lead Lead Hazards and Lead Poisoning Web page on potential lead hazards and how to prevent lead poisoning
Lead Fact sheet on what work practices contractors are required to do under the Vermont Lead Law
Lead Lead Information for Property Owners Web page on the Vermont Lead Law and Essential Maintenance Practices (EMPs)
Mold Mold in Your Home Web page on mold clean-up with a link to the Environmental Protection Agency's guide to mold
Rabies Rabies Control Information Web page on rabies including a Rabies Alert Hotline poster, contact information for Rabies Hotlines, and vaccination clinics
Radon Radon in Your Home Web page with information on radon in air and in water, plus how to request a free radon test kit and a video on how to test for radon
Rental Housing Vermont Rental Housing Codes Web page to look up rental housing codes
Sewer/Wastewater Wastewater Systems and Potable Water Supplies Department of Environmental Conservation's (DEC's) web page with sewer and wastewater information
Solid Waste Waste Not Guide Flyer describing what to do with items banned from the trash
Solid Waste and Recycling A Vermonter's Guide to Recycling Flyer depicting what is and what is not recyclable
Swimming Areas Swim Area Closed Poster To post when closing a swimming or recreational area for a reason other than cyanobacteria (blue-green algae)
Swimming Areas Recreational Water Web page with links to the Healthy Recreational Waters Guidance document and fact sheet and information on swim water testing