Emergency Medical Services

Emergency Medical Services

Vermont's Emergency Medical Services system – or EMS – responds to medical emergencies daily. EMS is an integrated system for emergency medical treatment and transportation of sick and injured patients.

The Vermont Office of Emergency Medical Services works on behalf of Vermonters to ensure that the EMS system is adequately equipped and prepared to provide the best out-of-hospital emergency care possible. There are nearly 180 ambulance and first responder agencies in the state, and most of our 3,000 licensed EMS personnel are volunteers.

The Vermont EMS Office is available to answer all your questions. Send us an email or call us at 802-863-7310.

Recent Updates (updated 8/4/2022):


Vermont Health care and EMS Preparedness Webinar Series

The 2022 Vermont Healthcare and EMS Preparedness Conference will not be held in-person. Instead, a monthly webinar series offering continuing education for EMS providers and informational sessions throughout the year. Presentations will cover health equity, health care and emergency preparedness, crisis communications, Emergency Medical Services (EMS), and more. Learn more and sign up for these free webinars.

LIGHTS - An Online EMS Licensing and Course Management System

The Vermont EMS LIGHTS database is an online EMS license management system built by ImageTrend, the creators of the Vermont SIREN incident reporting system. Its web-based functionality replaces paper applications and allows users to apply for and manage agency and personnel licenses, enroll in EMS courses and exam sites, update demographic information, and look up licensing records.     

Vermont Statewide EMS Protocols

The Vermont EMS Office is committed to supporting the delivery of excellent, evidence-based emergency care to all Vermonters and our visitors. To that end, we are constantly reviewing our treatment protocols, and we publish one major revision every two years. You can download the most recent version below:

Other Important Updates (updated 7/26/22)

Interfacility Transfers Protocol (Updated February 23, 2022)

This updated protocol aims to ensure interfacility transfers (IFT) comply with current VT law, licensure, and EMS protocols. It is intended to promote efficiency in IFT while maintaining patient safety. Check out the latest updates to interfacility transfer protocols.