PreK-12 Schools

PreK-12 Schools

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Vermont's goal is to maintain full in-person instruction throughout the school year.

The Health Department and Agency of Education have made recommendations to school districts on how to safely return to class this fall. They recommend that school districts require masks indoors for all students, of all ages, at the start of the school year. They also ask that districts require masks indoors for children under 12 years who are not able to be vaccinated at this time.

This fall, the Health Department is offering no-cost COVID-19 surveillance testing to students and staff in Vermont schools.  The department strongly recommends that districts/schools participate in this testing to support in-person learning, including extracurricular activities, and monitor for COVID-19 in our schools, which contain the largest unvaccinated population in our state. Learn how to participate in surveillance testing

UPDATED: Recommendations for Contact Tracing: Due to the current conditions and case numbers, the Health Department will resume the process initiated during the 2020-21 school year, whereby schools will conduct internal contact tracing in partnership with the Health Department.

COVID-19 Cases in Schools While Infectious: The table in the report reflects the data available at the time the report is compiled. Any adjustments will be reflected in the next update. Weekly school reports are posted on Tuesdays before noon.

The Health Department works with the Agency of Education and other partners to support the health and wellness of children and their families. See COVID-19 Guidance/Recommendations for Vermont Schools from the Agency of Education

Handling a suspected or confirmed case of COVID-19

If you learn of a case of COVID-19 at your school, contact the Health Department's Infectious Disease Epidemiology team. Call 802-863-7240 (Mon - Fri 7:45 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.).

Advisory memo for contact tracing in the fall (Agency of Education)

UPDATED: What to do when COVID-19 is in PreK-12 School, Child Care, Camps and Out of School Programs
A general list of what to expect and actions to take if there is a suspected or confirmed case of COVID-19. From the Health Department.

UPDATED: Checklist for Handling COVID-19 in School, Child Care, Camps and Out of School Programs
A checklist of actions to take if someone who tested positive was at your facility. From the Health Department.

UPDATED: COVID-19 Contact Tracing Framework for High-Risk Activities in PreK-12
This chart supplements the Checklist with guidance to help determine close contacts and when quarantine is needed in certain high-risk activities.

COVID-19 Case Response in K-12 Schools Presentation (Slides)


Return to school following illness

Information for Families: Return to School Following Illness
What to know if your child gets sick, and when they can return to school. See the pediatric flow chart referenced in this document. 
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