Evaluating children for developmental concerns

Evaluating children for developmental concerns

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The Child Development Clinic evaluates young Vermont children (generally up to age 8) who are thought to a developmental difference or developmental disability.

While all children develop at their own pace, some children develop at a rate that may concern parents, caregivers and providers.There are many possible causes of differences in a child’s social, motor, language or play skills. These range from developmental disorders such as Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD), cerebral palsy, intellectual disabilities, genetic disorders, learning disabilities, hearing or vision impairments, and the effects of medical illnesses or injuries.

A child’s environment, including exposure to certain substances (such as alcohol or lead), as well as toxic stress can also affect a child’s development. Regardless of medical history, all children should be screened for developmental delay by their primary care provider.

What is the Child Development Clinic?

As part of Children with Special Health Needs, the Child Development Clinic provides developmental evaluation for children who are thought to have a developmental concern, cognitive disability, or autism spectrum disorder, or a known condition affecting development. Visits are at no cost to families.

The Child Development Clinic can:

  • Help make a diagnosis
  • Work with primary care and specialty care providers
  • Work with early intervention and education
  • Assist with care coordination, including: team meetings, referrals for community supports, and help completing application and organizing services
How do we begin?

Simply call our central intake and referral line at 802-847-2007 to speak with the intake staff. A triage team will determine if a Child Development Clinic evaluation is appropriate, or if another resource may be more helpful. All developmental and autism evaluations will require a referral from the child’s primary care provider and should be discussed with them in advance. Children’s Integrated Services/Early Intervention may also make a referral for developmental or Autism evaluation.

Who will work with the child?

The members of the clinic team are based on the geographic area where the child lives, the child’s age, and developmental stage. The child and family will be seen by a combination of clinicians, such as: medical social worker, developmental pediatrician, and neuropsychologist, psychologist, nurse practitioner, or other child development clinician.

Clinic Locations and Directions

The Child Development Clinic serves all regions of Vermont. Contact our central office in Burlington at 800-660-4427 or 802-863-7338 to speak with a clinic coordinator.

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