Alcohol & Drugs

Alcohol & Drugs

Alcohol & Drug Use in Vermont

Vermont has some of the highest rates of substance use in the country, including higher drinking rates, higher cannabis use rates and among the highest heroin use rates for people aged 18-25. 

data map of illicit drug use disorder

Learn about alcohol, cannabis, opioids, stimulants and other drugs; what data tell us about substance use in Vermont; and about how these substances affect the health and wellness of Vermonters.

Prevention works. Treatment is effective. People recover. 

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Learn about opioid overdose including the signs of an overdose, what to do to save a life and the six steps you can take to prevent overdose.

Vermonters have higher drinking rates than the country overall. People who begin drinking before age 15 are four times more likely to develop alcohol dependence than those who begin drinking at 21. What are unhealthy drinking habits?

Vermonters have higher cannabis use rates than the country overall. Early and continuous use of cannabis can affect brain development. Learn more about cannabis use in Vermont.

Vermonters aged 18-25 have among the highest heroin use rates in the country. Most people who use heroin have misused prescription pain relievers.

Prescription opioids can be addictive and dangerous. It only takes a little to lose a lot.

Stimulants like cocaine, methamphetamine, and prescription stimulants can be addictive and dangerous.