Other Health Assessments

environmental impact statements

Environmental Impact Statements are both a decision-making process and documents that provide a systematic, reproducible, and interdisciplinary evaluation of the potential physical, biological, cultural and socioeconomic effects of a proposed action and its practical alternatives. 

Title Date Type
F-35A Jets U.S. Air Force Operational Basing EIS 2012
The Vermont Department of Health was asked by concerned citizens to evaluate the potential health effects resulting from basing F-35 jets at the Burlington Air Guard station. This report addresses the issue, but does not make a recommendation for or against allowing the F-35 jets.
12/17/2012 PDF Download

public health assessments

A public health assessment is the evaluation of data and information on the release of hazardous substances into the environment in order to assess any past, current or future impact on public health, develop health advisories or other recommendations, and identify studies or actions needed to evaluate and mitigate or prevent human health effects. 

Title Date Type
Wind Turbine Noise and Human Health: A Review of the Scientific Literature
The Department of Health conducted a literature review of the potential health effects from exposure to sound and vibration from wind-powered electrical generating facilities. Included in the appendix is the 2010 report, "Potential Impact on the Public's Health from Sound Associated with Wind Turbine Facilities".
05/26/2017 PDF Download
Smart Meters Public Health Assessment
This is an assessment conducted by the Vermont Department of Health of radio frequency radiation associated with smart meters in Vermont.
02/10/2012 PDF Download
Smart Meters Fact Sheet
02/10/2012 PDF Download