Town Health Officer Trainings

Below are some on-demand town health officer trainings in multiple file formats. When you see the same title listed twice, there is a PDF file and an audio file to go along with it.

For additional information, the Town Health Officer Hotline is available Monday through Friday (except state holidays), 7:45 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. at 800-439-8550.

Town Health Officer Manual
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Topic Title File Type Length
Drinking Water Video 12:01
Mold Mold for Town Health Officers Video 20:47
Cyanobacteria (Blue-Green Algae) How to Identify Cyanobacteria Video 02:23
Drinking Water Town Health Officers and Private Water Supplies Video 18:49
Radon Video 08:47
Lead Video 17:26
Waste, Recycling & Composting Vermont's Universal Recycling Law Video 43:37
Pests Video 08:09
Asbestos Asbestos and the Role of Town Health Officers Video 29:22
Rental Housing Mobile Home Parks PDF  
Fire Fire and Life Safety PDF  
Fire Audio 28:19
Health Orders Health Orders PDF  
THO Duties Duties of a Town Health Officer PDF  
Buildings Dangerous Buildings and the THO PDF  
Buildings Audio 18:40
Health Orders Writing Defensible Health Orders PDF  
Health Orders Audio 1:00:26
Rental Housing  Rental Housing Inspections PDF  
Open Burning Open Burning (and incineration, too) PDF  
Open Burning Audio 22:51
Rabies Rabies and Animal Bites: Roles and Responsibilities of THOs Video 25:28
Water and Wastewater Water and Wastewater Guidance PDF  
Water and Wastewater Audio 42:15
Drinking Water Public Drinking Water System Regulation in Vermont Video 20:17
Swimming Areas Maintaining Safe Recreational Waters Online Course