In-home nursing support for medically fragile children

In-home nursing support for medically fragile children

Whenever possible, children and their families are given the choice to live in their own homes and communities, not hospitals. Some children live with medical conditions that require in-home nursing care to achieve this goal. Pediatric High-Tech Nursing enables medically fragile children with complex needs to be cared for safely at home and in their community. 

The Department of Disabilities, Aging and Independent Living manages the Adult High-Tech Nursing Program for people over the age of 21.

What is Pediatric High-Tech Nursing?
  • A nurse to provide direct care
  • A nurse to help develop, monitor and implement a family-centered care plan
  • Authorization of durable medical equipment and supplies
Who is eligible for Pediatric High-Tech Nursing?

To be eligible, a child must:

  • Be younger than 21
  • Have active Vermont Medicaid
  • Be living with complex medical needs that require continual assessment and intervention by a nurse
How does a family access Pediatric High-Tech Nursing?

Anyone in the child’s circle of support might suggest Pediatric High-Tech Nursing, but health care providers (like doctors or nurse practitioners) make the referral.

Medical providers can make referrals at any time. Ideally, though, providers make referrals well before children are discharged from the hospital or rehabilitation facility. That way, supports are available as the child transitions home.

Pediatric High-Tech Nursing is provided by a Medicaid-contracted home health agency, such as the Visiting Nurse Associations around the state, or by a nurse who is directly enrolled with Vermont Medicaid in a family-managed model.

See the Family-Managed High-Tech Nursing Manual for more information about the family-managed model.

Families and caregivers work with the home health agencies and Visiting Nurse Associations to set the schedule and make sure that the staff is the best match to meet their child’s needs.

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