Public Health GIS

Public Health GIS

map showing Vermont Health Districts

Geographic Information Systems (GIS) technology utilizes locational data to perform geographic analyses and to create visual outputs such as maps. For example, launch this mobile-device friendly web map WelcomeMap to view Health Department district office areas, health districts, hospitals, and hospital service areas.

GIS is used in a variety of ways to support public health in Vermont, including to provide basemaps, atlases, dashboards and place-based web apps.

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Web basemaps provide access to many public health mapping data sources. Different map data layers can be turned on and off. Users can zoom in on specific areas of interest.

Many Vermont public health map atlases and dashboard-styled reports are available on a per-topic basis. These atlases and reports also allow viewers to download data in commonly used formats.

When a basemap or an atlas isn’t enough, the Health Department uses GIS web “apps” that address important public health issues using GIS technology.

Many state, regional, and national GIS resources are available that can assist with public health work: