Infectious Disease Control in Franklin and Grand Isle Counties

We work to identify disease, determine its source and stop it from spreading. We can respond to your questions about infectious disease and we welcome your inquiries. We are a community source for test kits for a number of infectious diseases.
We are responsible for investigating reportable diseases. Reportable diseases are illnesses that are considered to be of public health importance, and must be reported by health care providers and laboratories to health departments and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.
To notify the Health Department about a reportable disease, call 802-863-7240 or 800-640-4374 (VT only). Someone is available to receive your report 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.
We work with Northwestern Medical Center and primary care doctors to protect your health, and we partner with school nurses and childcare facilities to keep kids in our community healthy. We also assist long-term care facilities to prevent health care-associated infections and prepare for potential health care needs in an emergency. Together with our partners in the community we strive to prevent infection caused by multiple drug resistant organisms. We advise on policies to minimize risk of infectious disease, from hand-washing to when to avoid contact with the public.

We provide condoms for HIV, STD and hepatitis prevention. Stop by our office during business hours to choose your risk-reduction supplies. HIV, STDs and hepatitis are treatable and preventable. There are resources available to help. Many are free or covered by insurance and offered in multiple locations across Vermont.

We support clinics in high schools in order to make the HPV (Human Papillomavirus) vaccine available to students, protecting them in the future against several kinds of cancer.

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Stacy, Public Health Nurse
For 24 hour reporting of diseases call 802-863-7240 or 800-640-4374 (VT only).