Emergency Preparedness in Windham County

The Brattleboro Local Health Office works with town officials, local hospitals, medical providers and emergency medical services in order to plan, respond to and help prevent public health emergencies. By providing the public with necessary resources, we help our community prepare for emergencies as diverse as widespread flu, catastrophic weather events and exposure to biological or radiological agents.

A key part of our work is conducting emergency preparedness exercises. Led by our office Emergency Preparedness Public Health Specialist, these practice scenarios allow our staff to run through hypothetical public health emergencies - from notifying the public and setting up clinics to distributing necessary medications and vaccinations.

The Brattleboro Local Health Office works closely with five sites around our county from which staff can quickly distribute medication and/or vaccines to residents and visitors in the event of a public health emergency.

Community Partners

By collaborating with state and local partners, we are able to effectively educate our community on how to safely and effectively prepare for emergencies. Here is a list of partners in preparation:

Get Involved

Set Up a Private Distribution Site

Private organizations and companies can also operate as a site to dispense medications and resources to their staff and families of staff, in order to relieve pressure on public distribution sites during a public health emergency. If your organization is interested in learning more about becoming private distribution site, contact the Brattleboro Local Health Office at 802-257-2880.

Become an Emergency Responder

The Southeastern Vermont Medical Reserve Corp (MRC) is a part of a national network of 200,000 volunteers committed to improving the health and safety of communities by volunteering to respond to public health emergencies. In doing so, MRC volunteers strengthen our community’s health and resiliency in the face of an emergency. To learn more about the Medical Reserve Corps, or to sign up for the Southeastern Vermont Medical Reserve Corps, go to On Call for Vermont EMS & MRC Volunteers or to On call for Vermont.

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