Worksite Wellness

Worksite Wellness
For much of the week, most Vermonters spend more than one third of their day at their workplace. The programs, policies and environment at their worksite significantly influence employees' health. With support and resources from the Health Department, worksites can take steps to improve employee health, leading to financial benefits, reduced health care costs, and a more productive and engaged workforce.

Get started addressing worksite wellness in your organization. The pages in this section outline steps to getting started, provide strategies, templates, and other resources. It also contains resources that are specific to certain occupations – farming, transportation, early childcare, food service, healthcare support, and buildings and grounds. These occupations have been selected because of their unique environments and job demands, which makes it challenging to to implement “traditional” worksite wellness strategies.  

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Businesses, schools, cities and towns are taking simple steps to make a big impact on the health of their communities. Show your commitment to reducing chronic disease through worksite wellness!

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Review the five steps below to learn how to build a successful worksite wellness program!

In This Section

Having leadership support for your wellness initiative is the backbone of successfully creating culture change.

Assessments should be completed before selecting worksite wellness strategies to make sure they meet the needs of employees and the organization.

Once the assessments are completed, use the information gathered to identify one or more strategies to promote employee wellness.

Three key considerations in implementing your selected strategies are awareness, accessibility, and inclusion. 

It is important to evaluate whether strategies are being effective in accomplishing the established goals and objectives.

Different worksites have specific needs and challenges. Below are resources tailored for different types of occupations.