Worksite Wellness in Windham County

Worksite wellness programs and policies are important to helping adults lead healthy lives. Worksites that remove barriers to healthy food choices, physical activity and accessing preventive services can help reduce chronic disease risk factors for employees. These efforts also support employee’s emotional and mental health and boost productivity. In turn, investing in worksite wellness programs can help curb healthcare costs.

We are committed to partnering with and supporting workplaces as they develop or expand wellness programs and policies – from planning through implementation. Worksite wellness programs and policies may include:

  • implementing healthy food and beverage guidelines and on-site food options
  • going tobacco-free
  • promoting local food initiatives
  • creating breastfeeding friendly spaces

We can also connect worksites with resources, partners and grant opportunities.

Local Highlights

Youth Services was the 2015/16 recipient of the Department of Health worksite wellness grant for small employers. To encourage wellness within their business, Youth Services:

  • promoted physical activity by providing employees with pedometers to track their movement each day
  • increased employees’ ability to prepare healthier food options by providing a new area to store and heat meals
  • encouraged a “culture of health” by holding nutritious employee potluck meals
Our work with Loving Support Network, a project geared at increasing the amount of breastfeeding friendly employers, has resulted in many of our county’s businesses proudly supporting breastfeeding mothers. See a full list of Breastfeeding Friendly Employers by County .

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