Raccoon in tree

Rabies is a deadly viral disease of the brain that infects mammals. Rabies is most often seen among wild animals such as raccoons, skunks, foxes and bats. Cats, dogs and livestock can also get rabies if they have not been vaccinated for rabies.

Rabid animals show a change in their normal behavior, but you cannot tell whether an animal has rabies simply by looking at it. Animals may show unusual aggression, extreme depression or bizarre behavior. Hundreds of cases of animal rabies have been reported throughout Vermont since 1992, and rabies will continue to be a problem for many years. Get the Vermont Rabies Alert Hotline poster 

Rabies Hotlines

USDA, Health, Fish & Wildlife, Town Health Officers & Game Wardens
Live rabies and wildlife information by wildlife biologists
1-800-472-2437 (1-800-4-RABIES)
Monday - Friday (except federal holidays), 8:00 am to 4:30 pm
Weekends - recorded information and guidance
1-800-640-4374 (Vermont only) or 802-863-7240
Monday - Friday (except state holidays), 8:00 am to 4:30 pm
Health Care Providers, wildlife and law enforcement officials, town health officers and veterinarians may contact the Health Department 24/7 as needed.

The Health Department is also responsible for the managing animals that may have exposed humans, assessing human and animal rabies exposure, coordinating rabies specimen testing, and providing vaccination guidelines.

103 South Main Street
Waterbury, VT 05671-0501
Email: fwinformation@state.vt.us
Phone: 802-241-3700
Fax: 802-241-3295

GAME WARDENS - Find the telephone number of your local game warden.

TOWN HEALTH OFFICERS - Find the telephone number of your local town health officer.

Animals Testing Positive for Rabies

Town County Species Date
Leicester Addison  Skunk  01/05/2018 
Wardsboro Windham Raccoon 02/14/2018
Dummerston Windham Fox 03/03/2018
Bridport Addison Raccoon 03/22/2018
Burlington Chittenden Bat 04/04/2018
Rockingham Windham Raccoon 04/25/2018
Brattleboro Windham Fox 05/02/2018
Barre City Washington Raccoon 04/22/2018
Weston Windsor Raccoon 05/08/2018
Charlotte Chittenden Cat 05/11/2018
Poultney Rutland Raccoon 05/28/2018
Chester Windsor Raccoon 06/03/2018
Burlington Chittenden Bat 06/29/2018
Colchester Chittenden Bat 07/18/2018
Springfield Windsor Woodchuck 07/22/2018
Grand Isle Grand Isle Bat 07/28/2018
Montpelier Washington Skunk 07/20/2018
Tinmouth Rutland Raccoon 09/08/2018
Hartford Windsor Bat 09/30/2018


Town County Species Date
Bethel  Windsor  Raccoon  01/31/2017 
Shoreham Addison Raccoon 03/05/2017
Bristol Addison Red Fox 03/06/2017
Cavendish Windsor Raccoon 03/07/2017
Shrewsbury Rutland Raccoon 03/07/2017
Stowe Lamoille Red Fox 03/21/2017
Bridgewater Windsor Raccoon 03/22/2017
Brattleboro Windham Raccoon 03/27/2017
Manchester Bennington Raccoon 04/06/2017
Manchester Bennington Skunk 04/06/2017
Brattleboro Windham Raccoon 04/15/2017
Panton Addison Raccoon 04/20/2017
Ferrisburg Addison Raccoon 04/25/2017
Shelburne Chittenden Skunk 04/26/2017
Brattleboro Windham Raccoon 04/27/2017
Manchester Bennington Raccoon 04/28/2017
Londonderry Windham Gray Fox 05/02/2017
Brattleboro Windham Raccoon 05/17/2017
Newport Orleans Big Brown Bat 06/05/2017
Morristown Lamoille Raccoon 06/16/2017
Fairfax Franklin Big Brown Bat 06/21/2017
Arlington Bennington Gray Fox 06/30/2017
Manchester Bennington Woodchuck 06/30/2017
Burlington Chittenden Big Brown Bat 07/05/2017
Ferrisburg Addison Gray Fox 08/04/2017
West Rutland Rutland Big Brown Bat 08/04/2017
Peru Bennington Raccoon 08/16/2017
Barnard Windsor Raccoon 08/23/2017
Milton Chittenden Hoary Bat 08/23/2017
Newfane Windham Raccoon 08/25/2017
Weathersfield Windsor Raccoon 08/30/2017
Pawlet Rutland Raccoon 08/31/2017
West Windsor Windsor Raccoon 08/31/2017
Stowe Lamoille Skunk 09/12/2017
Leicester Addison Skunk 09/19/2017
Fair Haven Rutland Skunk 09/19/2017
Burlington Chittenden Big Brown Bat 10/20/2017
South Burlington Chittenden Big Brown Bat 10/22/2017
Middletown Springs Rutland Raccoon 12/02/2018
Poultney Rutland Gray Fox 12/14/2017

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Town County Species Date
Winooski Chittenden Big Brown Bat 01/27/16
Manchester Bennington Raccoon 02/08/16
Waterbury Washington Raccoon 02/24/16
Danville Caledonia Cat 02/25/16
Underhill Chittenden Red Fox 03/10/16
Burlington Chittenden Raccoon 03/16/16
Williamstown Orange Raccoon 03/23/16
Manchester Bennington Raccoon 03/24/16
Middlebury Addison Raccoon 04/11/16
Stowe Lamoille Big Brown Bat 04/14/16
Williamstown Orange Gray Fox 04/14/16
Barre Town Washington Skunk 04/21/16
Calais Washington Red Fox 04/21/16
Williamstown Orange Raccoon 04/26/16
Sunderland Bennington Raccoon 05/02/16
Barre City Washington Skunk 05/10/16
Washington Orange Raccoon 05/25/16
Williamstown Orange Raccoon 05/25/16
Burlington Chittenden Big Brown Bat 05/27/16
Hartford Windsor Raccoon 06/02/16
Calais Washington Raccoon 06/15/16
Shaftsbury Bennington Cow 06/21/16
Shaftsbury Bennington Gray Fox 06/21/16
Middlebury Addison Red Fox 06/24/16
Rutland Rutland Big Brown Bat 06/30/16
Colchester Chittenden Big Brown Bat 07/09/16
Rupert Bennington Skunk 07/09/16
Johnson Lamoille Big Brown Bat 07/19/16
Corinth Orange Raccoon 07/21/16
Pownal Bennington Raccoon 07/22/16
Pomfret Windsor Skunk 08/06/16
Underhill Chittenden Raccoon 08/10/16
Manchester Bennington Raccoon 08/17/16
Manchester Bennington Raccoon 09/01/16
Calais Washington Raccoon 09/01/16
Colchester Chittenden Raccoon 09/07/16
Rupert Bennington Raccoon 09/14/16
Shelburne Chittenden Big Brown Bat 09/27/16
Danville Caledonia Big Brown Bat 10/05/16
Northfield Washington Skunk 10/05/16
Rupert Bennington Skunk 10/10/16
Thetford Orange Big Brown Bat 10/12/16
Grafton Windsor Skunk 10/27/16
Panton Addison Skunk 11/10/16
Woodstock Windsor Sheep 11/23/16
New Haven Addison Raccoon 11/29/16
Harland Windsor Skunk 12/08/16
Pawlet Rutland Skunk 12/15/16

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Town County Species Date
Bolton Chittenden Raccoon 03/13/15
Burlington Chittenden Raccoon 03/20/15
Burlington Chittenden Raccoon 04/23/15
Essex Chittenden Raccoon 05/06/15
Burlington Chittenden Raccoon 05/06/15
Burlington Chittenden Raccoon 05/13/15
Shelburne Chittenden Big Brown Bat 05/21/15
Leicester Addison Cat 07/10/15
Brookfield Orange Big Brown Bat 07/21/15
Burlington Chittenden Big Brown Bat 07/30/15
Williston Chittenden Raccoon 07/31/15
Barre City Washington Skunk 08/19/15
Fairfax Franklin Big Brown Bat 08/20/15
Clarendon Rutland Big Brown Bat 08/27/15
Shrewsbury Rutland Skunk 09/16/15
Burlington Chittenden Raccoon 09/19/15
Barre City Washington Skunk 10/07/15
Colchester Chittenden Raccoon 10/21/15
Manchester Bennington Raccoon 11/16/15
Williamstown Orange Skunk 11/24/15
Plymouth Windsor Cat 11/24/15
Brattleboro Windham Raccoon 12/09/15
Williamstown Orange Skunk 12/12/15
Chelsea Orange Skunk 12/18/15
Georgia Franklin Big Brown Bat 12/22/15

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Town County Species Date
Ferrisburg Addison Raccoon 01/08/14
Ferrisburg Addison Skunk 01/14/14
Weathersfield Windham Raccoon 01/17/14
Burlington Chittenden Raccoon 02/14/14
Westminster Windham Raccoon 02/21/14
Clarendon Rutland Bob Cat 02/25/14
Reading Windsor Raccoon 03/11/14
Burlington Chittenden Raccoon 03/31/14
Putney Windham Raccoon 04/03/14
South Burlington Chittenden Raccoon 04/01/14
Burlington Chittenden Raccoon 04/08/14
Burlington Chittenden Raccoon 04/09/14
West Windsor Windsor Raccoon 04/22/14
Burlington Chittenden Raccoon 04/22/14
South Burlington Chittenden Raccoon 04/26/14
Vernon Windham Skunk 04/29/14
Burlington Chittenden Raccoon 05/05/14
Burlington Chittenden Raccoon 05/08/14
Burlington Chittenden Raccoon 05/08/14
Burlington Chittenden Raccoon 05/09/14
Burlington Chittenden Raccoon 05/16/14
Williston Chittenden Big Brown Bat 05/29/14
Burlington Chittenden Raccoon 05/30/14
South Burlington Chittenden Skunk 06/06/14
Addison Addison Raccoon 06/06/14
Colchester Chittenden Raccoon 06/19/14
Montpelier Washington Gray Fox 06/22/14
St Albans Franklin Skunk 07/02/14
Burlington Chittenden Skunk 07/10/14
Cornwall Addison Big Brown Bat 07/18/14
Williston Chittenden Woodchuck 07/22/14
Poultney Rutland Cat 07/30/14
Burlington Chittenden Skunk 08/02/14
Ferrisburg Addison Gray Fox 08/02/14
Rupert Bennington Skunk 08/05/14
Burlington Chittenden Raccoon 08/05/14
St Albans Franklin Skunk 08/19/14
Wallingford Rutland Raccoon 08/19/14
Burlington Chittenden Skunk 08/19/14
Burlington Chittenden Skunk 08/29/14
Colchester Chittenden Skunk 09/03/14
Duxbury Washington Raccoon 09/04/14
South Burlington Chittenden Gray Fox 09/10/14
Benson Rutland Big Brown Bat 09/11/14
Burlington Chittenden Skunk 09/15/14
Burlington Chittenden Raccoon 09/19/14
South Burlington Chittenden Skunk 09/19/14
Burlington Chittenden Skunk 09/26/14
Essex Chittenden Skunk 10/16/14
Burlington Chittenden Skunk 10/21/14
Essex Chittenden Raccoon 10/28/14
Burlington Chittenden Raccoon 11/05/14
Jericho Chittenden Skunk 11/22/14
Dummerston Windham Raccoon 12/18/14
Bolton Chittenden Bobcat 12/31/14

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Town County Species Date
Morristown Lamoille Raccoon 01/15/13
Hyde Park Lamoille Skunk 01/17/13
Springfield Winsor Gray Fox 01/19/13
Burlington Chittenden Big Brown Bat 01/23/13
Concord Essex Horse 01/29/13
Shaftsbury Bennington Skunk 02/09/13
Fairfield Franklin Skunk 02/15/13
Fairfield Franklin Skunk 02/15/13
Highgate Franklin Skunk 03/06/13
Morrisville Lamoille Raccoon 03/27/13
Coventry Orleans Skunk 04/01/13
St Albans Franklin Raccoon 04/02/13
St Albans Franklin Raccoon 04/02/13
St Albans Franklin Raccoon 04/05/13
Burlington Chittenden Raccoon 04/10/13
Athens Windham Bobcat 04/24/13
Coventry Orleans Skunk 05/01/13
Rochester Windsor Raccoon 05/03/13
Burlington Chittenden Skunk 05/03/13
Coventry Orleans Skunk 05/06/13
Royalton Windsor Skunk 05/14/13
Coventry Orleans Skunk 05/14/13
Middletown Sprs Rutland Big Brown Bat 05/16/13
Swanton Franklin Raccoon 05/17/13
Warren Washington Cow 05/29/13
Middlebury Addison Raccoon 05/30/13
Addison Addison Raccoon 05/30/13
Burlington Chittenden Skunk 06/20/13
Barre City Washington Skunk 06/27/13
Barre City Washington Skunk 06/27/13
Jamaica Windham Gray Fox 07/01/13
Burlington Chittenden Raccoon 07/10/13
Norwich Windsor Big Brown Bat 07/24/13
Burlington Chittenden Raccoon 07/31/13
Burlington Chittenden Skunk 08/06/13
Waitsfield Washington Raccoon 08/27/13
Norwich Windsor Raccoon 09/04/13
Bridport Addison Skunk 09/09/13
New Haven Addison Cat 09/14/13
Kirby Caledonia Skunk 09/17/13
Grafton Windham Raccoon 10/08/13
New Haven Addison Dog 10/15/13
Braintree Orange Gray Fox 10/16/13
Burlington Chittenden Raccoon 10/28/13
Burlington Chittenden Skunk 11/06/13
Brookline Windham Skunk 11/06/13
Burlington Chittenden Raccoon 11/22/13
Irasburg Orleans Skunk 11/27/13
Middletown Sprs Rutland Raccoon 12/07/13
Brandon Rutland Calf 12/19/13

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Town County Species Date
Hardwick Caledonia Skunk 01/11/12
Hardwick Caledonia Skunk 01/30/12
Burlington Chittenden Skunk 02/22/12
Rockingham Windsor Raccoon 02/23/12
Derby Orleans Skunk 02/28/12
Lincoln Addison Raccoon 03/07/12
Burlington Chittenden Skunk 03/27/12
West Rutland Rutland Skunk 03/30/12
Shelburne Chittenden Skunk 04/03/12
Huntington Chittenden Raccoon 04/04/12
Morristown Lamoille Raccoon 04/06/12
Shelburne Chittenden Skunk 04/07/12
Middlebury Addison Big Brown Bat 04/07/12
Jericho Chittenden Skunk 04/10/12
Shelburne Chittenden Skunk 04/17/12
St Johnsbury Caledonia Big Brown Bat 04/19/12
Randolph Orange Raccoon 04/24/12
Shelburne Chittenden Skunk 04/26/12
Craftsbury Orleans Raccoon 05/02/12
Walden Caledonia Raccoon 05/16/12
Derby Orleans Raccoon 05/23/12
Hinesburg Chittenden Raccoon 05/30/12
Castleton Rutland Raccoon 06/15/12
Winooski Chittenden Skunk 06/15/12
Pownal Bennington Raccoon 07/04/12
Shelburne Chittenden Big Brown Bat 07/16/12
Coventry Orleans Cat 07/20/12
Barnet Caledonia Raccoon 07/24/12
Waterbury Washington Raccoon 07/26/12
Charlotte Chittenden Sheep 07/27/12
Ryegate Caledonia Big Brown Bat 07/31/12
South Hero Grand Isle Big Brown Bat 08/07/12
Burlington Chittenden Skunk 08/20/12
Middlebury Addison Raccoon 08/21/12
St Johnsbury Caledonia Raccoon 08/23/12
Chelsea Orange Raccoon 08/23/12
St Albans Franklin Raccoon 08/24/12
Morristown Lamoille Skunk 08/24/12
Stowe Lamoille Raccoon 08/27/12
Morristown Lamoille Skunk 08/28/12
St Johnsbury Caledonia Skunk 08/28/12
Greensboro Orleans Raccoon 08/30/12
Poultney Rutland Big Brown Bat 09/07/12
Middlebury Addison Raccoon 09/12/12
Danville Caledonia Raccoon 09/13/12
Corinth Orange Skunk 09/24/12
Strafford Orange Skunk 09/25/12
Rockingham Windham Cat 10/11/12
St Albans Franklin Raccoon 10/12/12
Shaftsbury Bennington Skunk 10/12/12
Concord Essex Skunk 10/17/12
Morristown Lamoille Raccoon 10/17/12
Hardwick Caledonia Cow 10/18/12
Stowe Lamoille Raccoon 10/25/12
Elmore Lamoille Skunk 10/26/12
Whiting Addison Raccoon 11/14/12
Burlington Chittenden Raccoon 11/28/12
Plainfield Washington Skunk 11/29/12
Plainfield Washington Skunk 11/29/12
Stowe Lamoille Raccoon 12/05/12
Hardwick Caledonia Skunk 12/05/12
Stowe Lamoille Raccoon 12/11/12
Hardwick Caledonia Cat 12/11/12
Dummerston Windham Skunk 12/13/12
East Montpelier Washington Skunk 12/15/12
Stowe Lamoille Raccoon 12/21/12
Morristown Lamoille Skunk 12/22/12

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Town County Species Date
Burlington Chittenden Raccoon 01/12/11
Northfield Washington Raccoon 01/12/11
Brookfield Washington Skunk 01/14/11
So. Burlington Chittenden Skunk 01/25/11
Underhill Chittenden Raccoon 02/10/11
Panton Addison Raccoon 02/18/11
Addison Addison Raccoon 03/15/11
Halifax Windham Raccoon 03/15/11
Barre Washington Raccoon 04/06/11
Northfield Washington Woodchuck 05/03/11
East Montpelier Washington Raccoon 05/06/11
Woodbury Washington Raccoon 05/11/11
Monkton Addison Raccoon 05/19/11
Rutland City Rutland Woodchuck 05/20/11
Rutland City Rutland Woodchuck 06/01/11
Brattleboro Windham Hoary Bat 07/22/11
Burlington Chittenden Skunk 08/30/11
Lincoln Addison Raccoon 09/12/11
Rockingham Windham Big Brown Bat 09/27/11
Walden Caledonia Skunk 10/25/11
Charlotte Chittenden Raccoon 11/03/11
Derby Orleans Skunk 11/08/11
Cabot Washington Raccoon 11/09/11
Ryegate Caledonia Skunk 11/14/11
East Montpelier Washington Skunk 11/21/11
Burlington Chittenden Skunk 11/30/11
Walden Caledonia Skunk 12/01/11
Hyde Park Lamoille Raccoon 12/16/11

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Town County Species Date
South Hero Grand Isle Skunk 01/01/10
St George Chittenden Skunk 01/07/10
Lyndon Caledonia Skunk 01/07/10
Craftsbury Orleans Skunk 01/07/10*
Hartland Windsor Raccoon 01/14/10
Brandon Rutland Skunk 02/02/10
Jericho Chitenden Raccoon 02/05/10
Weybridge Addison Raccoon 02/12/10
Middlebury Addison Gray fox 03/07/10
Jericho Chitenden Raccoon 03/16/10
Reading Windsor Raccoon 03/17/10
Williston Chittenden Raccoon 03/22/10
Ferrisburgh Addison Skunk 03/30/10
Weathersfield Windsor Raccoon 04/07/10
Albany Orleans Skunk 04/14/10
Hyde Park Lamoille Skunk 04/20/10
Fayston Washington Gray Fox 04/27/10
Chittenden Rutland Raccoon 05/13/10
Rutland Rutland Gray Fox 05/21/10
Vergennes Addison Skunk 06/11/10
Woodford Bennington Raccoon 06/16/10
Northfield Washington Bobcat 06/18/10
Burlington Chittenden Skunk 06/19/10
Danby Rutland Gray Fox 06/29/10
Bradford Orange Skunk 07/02/10
Barre Washington Gray Fox 07/06/10
Bennington Bennington Gray Fox 07/13/10
Coventry Orleans Raccoon 07/14/10
Barton Orleans Raccoon 07/23/10
Bristol Addison Raccoon 08/02/10
Springfield Windsor Skunk 08/03/10
Burlington Chittenden Skunk 08/04/10
South Burlington Chittenden Raccoon 08/11/10
Hinesburg Chittenden Skunk 08/13/10
Plainfield Washington Skunk 08/23/10
Winooski Chittenden Skunk 08/24/10
Burlington Chittenden Raccoon 08/24/10
Winooski Chittenden Skunk 08/30/10
Colchester Chittenden Skunk 09/07/10
Rutland Rutland Red Fox 09/07/10
Rutland Rutland Raccoon 09/10/10
Rutland Rutland Woodchuck 09/10/10
Duxbury Washington Raccoon 09/23/10
Mt Holly Rutland Skunk 09/28/10
Craftsbury Orleans Skunk 10/08/10
Barre Washington Skunk 10/18/10
New Haven Addison Raccoon 10/19/10
Craftsbury Orleans Skunk 10/28/10
New Haven Addison Skunk 10/29/10
Burlington Chittenden Skunk 10/30/10
South Burlington Chittenden Skunk 11/19/10
Burlington Chittenden Skunk 12/16/10
Hartford Windsor Skunk 12/22/10
Royalton Windsor Skunk 12/22/10

*confirmed at CDC on 2/18


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Town County Species Date
Putney Windham Gray Fox 1/13/2009
Ferrisburgh Addison Raccoon 1/15/2009
Townshend Windham Raccoon 2/4/2009
Charlotte Chittenden Cow 2/10/2009
Charlotte Chittenden Cow 2/11/2009
Ferrisburgh Addison Raccoon 2/18/2009
Grand Isle Grand Isle Raccoon 2/27/2009
Bennington Bennington Raccoon 3/2/2009
Charlotte Chittenden Raccoon 3/3/2009
Middlebury Addison Big Brown Bat 3/3/2009
Hartford Windsor Raccoon 3/10/2009
Westmore Orleans Calf 3/17/2009
Stowe Lamoille Raccoon 3/17/2009
Dover Windham Raccoon 3/24/2009
Baltimore Windsor Raccoon 3/26/2009
Cornwall Addison Raccoon 3/27/2009
Addison Addison Cow 4/3/2009
Greensboro Orleans Calf 4/6/2009
Dorset Bennington Raccoon 4/14/2009
Greensboro Orleans Raccoon 4/22/2009
Elmore Lamoille Skunk 4/22/2009
Franklin Franklin Raccoon 4/22/2009
Ferrisburgh Addison Raccoon 5/12/2009
Hyde Park Lamoille Cow 5/14/2009
Milton Chittenden Skunk 5/15/2009
Royalton Windsor Raccoon 5/15/2009
Charlotte Chittenden Skunk 5/29/2009
Manchester Bennington Raccoon 6/18/2009
Stamford Bennington Raccoon 6/23/2009
Dummerston Windham Raccoon 7/2/2009
Rockingham Windham Skunk 7/8/2009
Royalton Windsor Skunk 7/10/2009
Fairfax Franklin Skunk 7/21/2009
South Hero Grand Isle Raccoon 7/24/2009
Newfane Windham Big Brown Bat 7/29/2009
Bridport Addison Raccoon 8/6/2009
Ferrisburgh Addison Raccoon 8/6/2009
South Hero Grand Isle Raccoon 8/21/2009
Craftsbury Orleans Skunk 8/21/2009
Woodstock Windsor Raccoon 8/25/2009
Northfield Washington Raccoon 8/28/2009
Brattleboro Windham Raccoon 9/3/2009
Pawlet Rutland Skunk 9/4/2009
Brattleboro Windham Skunk 9/11/2009
Williston Chittenden Skunk 10/6/2009
Sheffield Caledonia Skunk 10/14/2009
Hartford Windsor Horse 10/20/2009
Essex Chittenden Raccoon 10/20/2009
Craftsbury Orleans Raccoon 10/23/2009
Greensboro Orleans Skunk 10/23/2009
Rockingham Windham Raccoon 11/3/2009
Bridport Addison Skunk 11/3/2009
Stockbridge Windsor Skunk 11/10/2009
Guilford Windham Skunk 11/12/2009
Craftsbury Orleans Skunk 11/16/2009
Barre Washington Skunk 11/16/2009
Franklin Franklin Raccoon 11/16/2009
Shelburne Chittenden Skunk 11/16/2009
Albany Orleans Skunk 11/20/2009
Bridport Addison Cow 11/24/2009
Stockbridge Windsor Skunk 11/25/2009
Charlotte Chittenden Raccoon 12/1/2009
Williston Chittenden Raccoon 12/4/2009
Pownal Bennington Cow 12/5/2009
Brattleboro Windham Skunk 12/14/2009
Albany Orleans Skunk 12/16/2009

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Town County Species Date
Grafton Windham Raccoon 1/8/2008
Bennington Bennington Raccoon 1/11/2008
Shelburne Chittenden Big Brown Bat 1/18/2008
Stowe Lamoille Raccoon 2/8/2008
Windham Windham Fox 3/9/2008
Franklin Franklin Raccoon 3/12/2008
Franklin Franklin Raccoon 3/19/2008
Grand Isle Grand Isle Raccoon 3/22/2008
Swanton Franklin Raccoon 3/24/2008
Glover Orleans Raccoon 3/26/2008
Glover Orleans Raccoon 3/28/2008
Jericho Chittenden Skunk 4/4/2008
Williston Chittenden Skunk 4/11/2008
Barton Orleans Raccoon 4/11/2008
Highgate Franklin Raccoon 4/15/2008
Williston Chittenden Skunk 4/17/2008
Underhill Chittenden Skunk 4/22/2008
North Hero Grand Isle Raccoon 5/7/2008
Barton Orleans Raccoon 5/8/2008
Chester Windsor Fox 5/10/2008
Westminster Windham Raccoon 5/12/2008
Rockingham Windham Fox 5/16/2008
St. Johnsbury Caledonia Big Brown Bat 5/16/2008
Guilford Windham Raccoon 5/19/2008
Townsend Windham Raccoon 5/21/2008
Stowe Lamoille Raccoon 5/22/2008
Westminster Windham Raccoon 5/28/2008
Westminster Windham Raccoon 5/28/2008
Alburg Grand Isle Raccoon 5/29/2008
Newport Orleans Raccoon 6/6/2008
Westminster Windham Raccoon 6/6/2008
Rockingham Windham Raccoon 6/13/2008
Bakersfield Franklin Raccoon 6/19/2008
South Hero Grand Isle Raccoon 7/2/2008
Windsor Windsor Raccoon 7/18/2008
Grand Isle Grand Isle Skunk 7/21/2008
Newport Orleans Raccoon 7/22/2008
St. Albans Franklin Woodchuck 7/22/2008
Grand Isle Grand Isle Raccoon 7/25/2008
South Hero Grand Isle Skunk 7/25/2008
Glover Orleans Raccoon 7/28/2008
Colchester Chittenden Skunk 7/28/2008
Westminster Windham Raccoon 7/30/2008
Townsend Windham Raccoon 7/31/2008
Morrisville Lamoille Big Brown Bat 8/5/2008
Montgomery Franklin Raccoon 8/8/2008
Westminster Windham Raccoon 8/13/2008
Rockingham Windham Skunk 8/13/2008
Bennington Bennington Skunk 8/19/2008
Rockingham Windham Skunk 8/19/2008
Westminster Windham Skunk 8/21/2008
Wardsboro Windham Raccoon 8/26/2008
Berkshire Franklin Skunk 8/28/2008
Rockingham Windham Skunk 9/4/2008
Chester Windsor Skunk 9/16/2008
Williston Chittenden Skunk 9/16/2008
Charlotte Chittenden Raccoon 9/19/2008
Moretown Washington Skunk 9/26/2008
Stowe Lamoille Raccoon 9/29/2008
Irasburg Orleans Skunk 10/3/2008
Underhill Chittenden Skunk 10/10/2008
Stowe Lamoille Raccoon 10/27/2008
Shoreham Addison Raccoon 11/5/2008
Elmore Lamoille Skunk 11/7/2008
Bristol Addison Skunk 11/12/2008
Randolph Orange Skunk 11/18/2008
Berkshire Franklin Skunk 11/24/2008
Grand Isle Grand Isle Skunk 11/24/2008
Newbury Orange Skunk 11/25/2008
Dover Windham Raccoon 12/3/2008
Guilford Windham Otter 12/9/2008
South Hero Grand Isle Skunk 12/9/2008
Guilford Windham Raccoon 12/19/2008
Underhill Chittenden Raccoon 12/30/2008
Fairfield Franklin Bovine 12/30/2008

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Town County Species Date
Essex Chittenden Raccoon 1/3/2007
Corinth Orange Skunk 1/3/2007
Benson Rutland Horse 1/3/2007
Montpelier Washington Big Brown Bat 1/4/2007
Stowe Lamoille Raccoon 1/4/2007
Fairfield Franklin Raccoon 1/24/2007
Chelsea Orange Cow 1/26/2007
Ferrisburgh Addison Skunk 2/1/2007
Pownal Bennington Raccoon 2/1/2007
Williston Chittenden Raccoon 2/6/2007
Benson Rutland Skunk 2/6/2007
St. Albans Franklin Raccoon 2/13/2007
St. Albans Franklin Skunk 2/13/2007
Franklin Franklin Raccoon 2/15/2007
Stockbridge Windsor Bobcat 2/21/2007
St. Albans Franklin Raccoon 2/21/2007
Bristol Addison Raccoon 2/23/2007
St. Albans Franklin Raccoon 2/27/2007
St. Albans Franklin Raccoon 3/3/2007
Highgate Franklin Raccoon 3/14/2007
St. Albans Franklin Raccoon 3/14/2007
Colchester Chittenden Skunk 3/21/2007
Colchester Chittenden Skunk 3/21/2007
Williamstown Orange Fox 3/21/2007
Burlington Chittenden Raccoon 3/23/2007
Bennington Bennington Raccoon 3/23/2007
Franklin Franklin Raccoon 3/26/2007
St. Albans Franklin Raccoon 3/26/2007
St. Albans Franklin Raccoon 3/26/2007
Colchester Chittenden Skunk 3/29/2007
Essex Chittenden Raccoon 4/2/2007
Swanton Franklin Raccoon 4/6/2007
St. Albans Franklin Raccoon 4/6/2007
St. Albans Franklin Raccoon 4/6/2007
St. Albans Franklin Raccoon 4/6/2007
Barnet Caledonia Skunk 4/6/2007
Rockingham Windham Raccoon 4/6/2007
Braintree Orange Skunk 4/10/2007
Fairfax Franklin Skunk 4/11/2007
St. Albans Franklin Sheep 4/12/2007
Franklin Franklin Raccoon 4/12/2007
Essex Chittenden Raccoon 4/12/2007
Georgia Franklin Raccoon 4/19/2007
Swanton Franklin Raccoon 4/19/2007
St. Albans Franklin Raccoon 4/20/2007
Burlington Chittenden Raccoon 4/24/2007
Middlebury Addison Raccoon 4/24/2007
Danville Caledonia Raccoon 4/25/2007
Danville Caledonia Raccoon 4/25/2007
Danville Caledonia Raccoon 4/25/2007
Danville Caledonia Raccoon 4/25/2007
St. Albans Franklin Raccoon 4/26/2007
St. Albans Franklin Raccoon 4/26/2007
Fairfax Franklin Skunk 4/26/2007
Danville Caledonia Skunk 5/1/2007
Stowe Lamoille Raccoon 5/3/2007
St. Albans Franklin Raccoon 5/8/2007
Highgate Franklin Raccoon 5/8/2007
Danville Caledonia Raccoon 5/8/2007
Shoreham Addison Skunk 5/9/2007
Highgate Franklin Red Fox 5/15/2007
Highgate Franklin Raccoon 5/15/2007
Highgate Franklin Raccoon 5/16/2007
Franklin Franklin Raccoon 5/16/2007
Fairfax Franklin Skunk 5/16/2007
Franklin Franklin Raccoon 5/17/2007
Highgate Franklin Raccoon 5/23/2007
Highgate Franklin Raccoon 5/23/2007
Highgate Franklin Raccoon 5/23/2007
Franklin Franklin Raccoon 5/23/2007
Highgate Franklin Raccoon 5/23/2007
Franklin Franklin Raccoon 5/23/2007
Franklin Franklin Raccoon 5/23/2007
St. Albans Franklin Red Fox 5/24/2007
St. Albans Franklin Raccoon 5/24/2007
Highgate Franklin Raccoon 5/24/2007
Swanton Franklin Raccoon 5/24/2007
Highgate Franklin Raccoon 5/24/2007
Thetford Orange Big Brown Bat 5/25/2007
Swanton Franklin Raccoon 5/31/2007
Georgia Franklin Raccoon 5/31/2007
Franklin Franklin Raccoon 6/3/2007
Sheldon Franklin Raccoon 6/5/2007
Fletcher Franklin Raccoon 6/5/2007
St. Albans Franklin Skunk 6/15/2007
Highgate Franklin Raccoon 6/15/2007
Richmond Chittenden Skunk 6/16/2007
Highgate Franklin Raccoon 6/18/2007
St. Albans Franklin Raccoon 6/18/2007
Franklin Franklin Raccoon 6/21/2007
Underhill Chittenden Raccoon 6/26/2007
Danville Caledonia Skunk 6/26/2007
Vergennes Addison Cat 6/28/2007
St. Albans Franklin Raccoon 6/28/2007
St. Albans Franklin Raccoon 6/28/2007
Fairfax Franklin Raccoon 7/3/2007
Highgate Franklin Raccoon 7/11/2007
Fairfax Franklin Skunk 7/12/2007
St. Albans Franklin Raccoon 7/12/2007
Belvidere Franklin Raccoon 7/12/2007
Orange Orange Woodchuck 7/13/2007
Danville Caledonia Raccoon 7/13/2007
Randolph Orange Skunk 7/20/2007
Burlington Chittenden Skunk 7/21/2007
Braintree Orange Skunk 7/25/2007
Lyndon Caledonia Raccoon 7/26/2007
Enosburg Franklin Raccoon 7/27/2007
St. Albans Franklin Raccoon 7/27/2007
St. Albans Franklin Raccoon 7/31/2007
Bristol Addison Skunk 8/3/2007
South Burlington Chittenden Skunk 8/7/2007
Colchester Chittenden Skunk 8/14/2007
Colchester Chittenden Skunk 8/14/2007
Burlington Chittenden Skunk 8/14/2007
Swanton Franklin Raccoon 8/23/2007
Cambridge Lamoille Raccoon 8/23/2007
Alburg Grand Isle Raccoon 8/23/2007
Alburg Grand Isle Raccoon 8/24/2007
St. Albans Franklin Skunk 8/24/2007
Swanton Franklin Raccoon 8/27/2007
Johnson Lamoille Raccoon 8/27/2007
Sheldon Franklin Raccoon 8/28/2007
Highgate Franklin Raccoon 8/28/2007
Sheldon Franklin Raccoon 8/30/2007
Williston Chittenden Skunk 9/11/2007
Richmond Chittenden Skunk 9/12/2007
Essex Chittenden Raccoon 9/12/2007
Alburg Grand Isle Raccoon 9/14/2007
Barre Washington Skunk 9/17/2007
Alburg Grand Isle Raccoon 9/18/2007
Alburg Grand Isle Raccoon 9/18/2007
Swanton Franklin Raccoon 9/18/2007
Burlington Chittenden Skunk 9/20/2007
Fairfield Franklin Raccoon 9/20/2007
Jericho Chittenden Raccoon 9/26/2007
Georgia Franklin Skunk 9/27/2007
St. Albans Franklin Raccoon 9/27/2007
Bradford Orange Skunk 10/1/2007
Johnson Lamoille Skunk 10/4/2007
Barre Washington Cat 10/4/2007
Alburg Grand Isle Raccoon 10/10/2007
Fairfield Franklin Raccoon 10/10/2007
Highgate Franklin Skunk 10/10/2007
Williston Chittenden Raccoon 10/10/2007
Sheldon Franklin Skunk 10/17/2007
Westminster Windham Skunk 10/18/2007
Rockingham Windham Raccoon 10/23/2007
Swanton Franklin Skunk 10/31/2007
Burlington Chittenden Skunk 11/2/2007
Franklin Franklin Skunk 11/6/2007
North Hero Grand Isle Raccoon 11/6/2007
Essex Chittenden Raccoon 11/6/2007
Burlington Chittenden Skunk 11/8/2007
Essex Chittenden Skunk 11/14/2007
Enosburg Franklin Raccoon 11/15/2007
Georgia Franklin Skunk 11/16/2007
Burlington Chittenden Skunk 11/20/2007
Sheldon Franklin Skunk 11/21/2007
Bridport Addison Skunk 12/6/2007
Braintree Orange Raccoon 12/11/2007
Franklin Franklin Skunk 12/11/2007
St. Albans Franklin Big Brown Bat 12/13/2007
Franklin Franklin Skunk 12/13/2007
Barnet Caledonia Raccoon 12/24/2007
Morrisville Lamoille Skunk 12/24/2007

View this table in PDF format. 

Town County Species Date
Barnet Caledonia Raccoon 1/10/2006
Calais Washington Skunk 1/10/2006
Pittsford Rutland Skunk 1/17/2006
Pittsford Rutland Skunk (racc str) 1/20/2006
New Haven Addison Skunk (racc str) 1/31/2006
Peacham Caledonia Raccoon 2/27/2006
Brandon Rutland Raccoon 2/24/2006
Barnet Caledonia Skunk 3/2/2006
Rupert Bennington Raccoon 3/3/2006
Peacham Caledonia Raccoon 3/9/2006
Peacham Caledonia Raccoon 3/14/2006
Manchester Bennington Raccoon 3/17/2006
Plainfield Washington Raccoon 3/22/2006
Peacham Caledonia Raccoon 3/30/2006
Dorset Bennington Raccoon 3/31/2006
Middlesex Washington Raccoon 4/14/2006
West Fairlee Orange Skunk 4/14/2006
Ryegate Caledonia Raccoon 4/20/2006
Barnet Caledonia Raccoon 4/21/2006
Corinth Orange Raccoon 5/5/2006
Shoreham Addison Cow (racc str) 5/8/2006
Mount Holly Rutland Raccoon 5/9/2006
Mount Holly Rutland Raccoon 5/12/2006
Dorset Bennington Raccoon 5/17/2006
Middlebury Addison Skunk 5/23/2006
Washington Orange Raccoon 5/23/2006
Barre Town Washington Skunk 5/25/2006
Shoreham Addison Raccoon 5/26/2006
Monkton Addison Skunk 5/26/2006
Danville Caledonia Raccoon 5/26/2006
Bradford Orange Woodchuck 6/5/2006
Westminster Windham Big Brown Bat 6/7/2006
Middlebury Addison Raccoon 6/9/2006
Stowe Lamoille Raccoon 6/17/2006
Ferrisburgh Addison Cow (racc str) 6/21/2006
Stowe Lamoille Raccoon 6/21/2006
Ferrisburgh Addison Skunk 7/17/2006
Poultney Rutland Skunk 7/28/2006
Rutland City Rutland Raccoon 8/18/2006
Fair Haven Rutland Skunk 8/21/2006
Stowe Lamoille Raccoon 8/30/2006
Stowe Lamoille Raccoon 8/30/2006
St. Johnsbury Caledonia Raccoon 8/30/2006
Fairlee Orange Raccoon 9/1/2006
Rutland City Rutland Raccoon 9/1/2006
Danville Caledonia Cow (racc str) 9/6/2006
South Burlington Chittenden Skunk 9/6/2006
Leicester Addison Raccoon 10/3/2006
Stowe Lamoille Skunk 10/4/2006
Peacham Caledonia Skunk 10/9/2006
New Haven Addison Raccoon 10/9/2006
Essex Chittenden Raccoon 10/9/2006
Clarendon Rutland Raccoon 10/11/2006
Bradford Orange Skunk (racc str) 10/11/2006
New Haven Addison Bovine (racc str) 10/16/2006
Stowe Lamoille Red Fox (racc str) 10/20/2006
Hubbardton Rutland Raccoon 10/24/2006
Fairfax Franklin Skunk 10/27/2006
Panton Addison Skunk 10/31/2006
Stowe Lamoille Raccoon 11/7/2006
Highgate Franklin Skunk (racc str) 11/7/2006
Chelsea Orange Skunk 11/15/2006
Highgate Franklin Raccoon (racc str) 11/15/2006
Stowe Lamoille Raccoon 11/17/2006
Essex Chittenden Skunk 12/4/2006
Bethel Windsor Skunk 12/8/2006
Bethel Windsor Skunk 12/8/2006
St. Albans Franklin Raccoon 12/11/2006
Stowe Lamoille Raccoon 12/12/2006
Highgate Franklin Raccoon 12/14/2006
Essex Chittenden Skunk 12/14/2006
St. Albans Franklin Raccoon 12/15/2006
Fairfax Franklin Raccoon 12/15/2006

MORE information about Rabies in vermont

Rabies & Humans


In humans, early rabies symptoms include fever, headache and general weakness. As the disease progresses, symptoms may include insomnia, anxiety, confusion, slight or partial paralysis, excitation, hallucinations, agitation, hypersalivation (increase in saliva), difficulty swallowing, and hydrophobia (fear of water). Death will usually occur within days of these symptoms.


The virus is spread through the bite of an infected animal. Non-bite exposures very rarely result in rabies. People are at very low risk of getting rabies from indirect contact with an animal, such as petting or handling animals, or contact with urine, blood or feces.

If you are bitten by an animal:

  • Contact your doctor and town health officer, and follow their instructions.
  • Wash the bite wound thoroughly with soap and warm water.
  • Try to capture the animal only if you can do it without getting bitten again. You are more likely to need rabies shots if the animal cannot be found.

If a domesticated, vaccinated dog or cat that shows no sign of rabies bit someone, the animal can usually be watched under supervision of a town health officer. If they don't develop rabies within 10 days, you will not get rabies. Farm animals, such as horses, cows, goats and sheep, that do not seem sick can usually be watched on site under the supervision of the local health officer or veterinarian.

Wild animals cannot be kept alive and watched. They must be killed by game wardens or veterinarians and tested for rabies immediately.


If you are bitten or exposed to animal saliva, your doctor and the Health Department will recommend whether shots are necessary. Preventing rabies requires a series of at least six shots, most often given in the arm. These shots are nearly 100% effective in preventing rabies.

Rabies Prevention TIPS

  • Do not try to touch or pick up wild animals or strays – even baby animals – or try to feed them or make them into pets.
  • Make sure that all family pets get rabies shots, and keep shots up to date. Vaccines start protecting dogs and cats about two weeks to a month after they get the shot.
  • Report unknown or strangely behaving animals to your town's animal control officer. If the animal is wild, contact your game warden.
  • Do not make your yard inviting to wild animals.
  • Secure trash, including recyclables, by fastening trash can lids tightly and raccoon-proofing your compost.
  • Feed pets inside the house and keep pets indoors at night. If they are out during the day, keep them on a leash or in a closed space. Pets that roam free are more likely to get rabies.
  • Wear protective gloves when handling a pet that has been involved with a wild or stray animal.
Rabies & Domestic Animals

Domestic pets and livestock are required to be vaccinated against rabies. Veterinarians should log rabies conversations with owners on the animal's record. Animals can be vaccinated by a veterinarian or at a rabies clinic. A booster for a currently vaccinated domestic pet should be considered when the pet has wounds of unknown origin.

Rabies clinics are usually conducted during the month of March, but can happen throughout the year. All animals must be leashed or in carriers at rabies clinics. You should bring a copy of the animal’s prior rabies certificate or registration. Please contact the clinics for more information. Check with your town clerk, local news media, local Humane Society or veterinarian for more information about clinics or low cost rabies vaccinations in your area.

An unvaccinated domestic pet with wounds of unknown origin should be immediately vaccinated and kept under a responsible adult's control and observation for four months. Any significant illness lasting more than one day or change in behavior should be reported at once to a veterinarian. Consult with the Department of Health in high risk situations.

The town health officer can require the confinement and observation of an apparent healthy domestic animal that bites an individual, regardless of vaccination status, for 10 days for signs of illness, usually at a responsible owner's residence.

For more information on rabies in domestic animals visit the CDC website.

Rabies in Bats & Other Wild Animals

We are fortunate to have easy access to a wide variety of wildlife. These animals are an important part of our ecosystem, but should be appreciated at a distance. If you think you have found orphaned wildlife, don’t touch the animal. Call the hotline numbers above, or contact your area game warden. Burlington residents should also call the animal control officer at 658-2700.

Bats and Rabies

Bats are increasingly implicated in human rabies cases. A bat should be tested for rabies if it made physical contact with an individual, or is found in a room with an unattended child or a person who was sleeping. Dead or sick bats should not be handled. While a percentage of them may carry rabies, it is more likely they are affected by white nose syndrome.

If several dead or sick bats are observed, contact the Vermont Department of Fish & Wildlife: White nose syndrome affected over 500,000 hibernating bats across the Northeast, with many of the infected bats becoming ill and dying. The Fish & Wildlife Department is working with its national counterpart to determine the cause.

Capturing a Bat

  • When the bat lands, approach it slowly while wearing gloves,and place a box or coffee can over it.
  • Slide cardboard under the container to trap the bat inside.
  • Tape the cardboard to the container securely.
  • Contact the Vermont rabies hotline or the Vermont Department of Health.
  • Only try to capture the bat if you can do it without getting bitten.
  • Call the rabies hotline for guidance if needed.
  • Game wardens, animal control officers, nuisance trappers, town health officers, and others can help capture bats.

For more information about bats, please visit the CDC website.

Bat Information for Campers

Vermont Rabies Control Manual & Specimen Testing

The Vermont Rabies Control Manual is a resource to help veterinarians, doctors, town health officers, animal control officers, and game wardens with rabies control and prevention in Vermont.

Rabies Bait Drop

The annual rabies vaccine bait drop generally takes place in August. Vaccine, in the form of sweet scented bait attractive to raccons and skunks, is dropped from aircraft in rural areas and placed by hand in large residential areas. The Rabies Bait Drop Project is an interstate/international cooperative effort by research veterinarians and wildlife biologists to keep raccoon rabies from spreading across Vermont and the Canadian border. The project's research is directed by the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s Wildlife Services, in collaboration with the Vermont Departments of Health and Fish & Wildlife, and the Agency of Agriculture, Food and Markets.

Download the Rabies Bait Drop Fact Sheet