Infectious Disease Control in Addison County

We are responsible for investigating reportable diseases to prevent further spread of illness in Addison County. There are approximately 75 reportable diseases, including common diseases like Lyme Disease and E. coli and rarer diseases like tuberculous and pertussis. Reportable diseases are illnesses that are considered to be of public health importance, and must be reported by health care providers to health departments and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.
To notify the Health Department about a reportable disease, call 802-863-7240 or 800-640-4374 (VT only). Someone is available to receive your report 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.
If you are diagnosed with a reportable disease, a public health nurse may call you or visit you to discuss your illness, help you take your medications, interview you about how you may have gotten sick and help prevent your friends and family from also getting sick.


We promote and provide immunizations and offer public presentations on infectious disease topics to help prevent illness. We work with schools, childcare and long-term care facilities to use best practices to prevent the spread of illness and give guidance on how control disease outbreaks.
We provide condoms for HIV, STD and hepatitis prevention. Stop by our office during business hours to choose your risk-reduction supplies. HIV, STDs and hepatitis are treatable and preventable. There are resources available to help. Many are free or covered by insurance and offered in multiple locations across Vermont.

Vector-borne Illnesses

Vector-borne illnesses are a newer focus for the Middlebury Local Health Office. In 2012, we responded to the discovery of Eastern equine encephalitis (EEE) in Addison County. We have been working to raise awareness of and prevent the spread of and for the last decade. We provide training to summer camp staff, town health officers, town recreation departments, schools and the broader public about vector-borne illness prevention.

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