Child Care Providers

The purpose of the immunization requirement for entry into child care and pre-kindergarten programs is to protect children, staff, and the public from vaccine-preventable diseases in child care centers. The rules establish minimum immunization requirements for attendance at regulated center based and family child care, including pre-kindergarten.

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Information about Vermont’s Child Care Rule


Title Description Download Date
A Parent's Guide to Immunizations Required for Child Care Brochure on vaccines required for child care View 11/15/2016
Vermont's Child Care Immunization Regulations FAQs about the child care requlations View 11/15/2016
About Immunization Exemptions Additional information on exemption View 03/20/2017
About Provisional Admittance Additional information on provisional admittance View 11/15/2016
Flow Chart for Child Care Immunization Records Assessment Tool for record assessment View 03/20/2017
FAQ for Medical Practices FAQs for medical practices View 03/23/2017
Immunization Regulations Rules and regulations View 11/15/2016
Child Care Providers Immunization Status Report

All regulated center based and family home child care providers in Vermont are required to report the immunization status of children in their care by January 1st to the State of Vermont each year. The Department for Children and Families (Child Development Division) will email the annual child care immunization survey to providers in the Fall.

Immunization rates for licensed facilities in compliance with the reporting requirement can be viewed on the Immunization Rates page.


Please use the forms provided. All forms are current.

Title Description Download Date
2. Child Care Immunization Checklist Checklist - Optional Use View 04/18/2017
3. Documentation of Varicella   Form used to document varicella disease View 11/15/2016
4. Notice of Missing Immunization and Provisional Admittance Parental Notice View 11/15/2016
5. Notice of Exclusion and Provisional Admittance   Parental Notice View 11/15/2016
1. Child Care (Including Pre-K) Provisional and Exempt Line List Form is available in Excel or PDF format Excel or PDF 11/15/2016
Exemptions Download Date
Medical Exemption View 11/15/2016
Religious Exemption View 03/20/2017
Required Parent Education View 03/23/2017
Northern Lights Development Center Training

This course explores the importance of immunizations in protecting children and staff from vaccine preventable diseases as well asthe child care providers' roles and responsibilities related to the children in their care.