Immunization Information for Providers

The website has been updated to reflect changes made to the Vermont Immunization Law as outlined in Act 157. See the Frequently Asked Questions.

Revised Immunization regulations for attendance in child care and school went into effect Jan. 1, 2013.

Only a health care practitioner licensed to practice in Vermont and authorized to prescribe vaccines may sign the provisional admittance and medical exemption forms (In accordance with Vermont State Statute).

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Vaccinate Vermont

Vaccinate Vermont Newsletter

December 2014

Immunization rates for Vermont children: 2013 National Immunization Survey, Vaccine storage and handling update, Site visit summary, Flu update December 29, 2014, The future of vaccine inventory and ordering, PCV13 Update, HPV data brief.

August 2014

Vaccine Safety Review in the Journal Pediatrics, CDC Releases 2013 NIS-Teen Data, Highlights from the Child Care Immunization Report, Vermont Vaccine Purchasing Program, Vaccine Storage and Handling Best Practices, Hepatitis A Vaccine Schedule, Two Doses, Six Months Apart. Flu Insert -- 2014-2015 Pediatric Influenza Bulletin.

April 2014

Pertussis Vaccine Effectiveness Evaluation, New VFC Storage and Handling Training "You Call the Shots" available online July 2014, How Parents Make Vaccine Decisions, Site Visits, Data Logger Update, Immunization Registry and HL7 Messaging.

December 2013

2011 Quebec Measles Outbreak: Lessons Learned, 2-dose Varicella Vaccination Improves Protection, Response to Polio in Syria, It's Ok to Ask Immunization Campaign Update, Health Children at Risk for Influenza-Related Death, 5 Simple Tips for Data Logger Use, Patient Management and the Immunization Registry.

September 2013

Teen Vaccination -- health care providers are making a difference, Infectious disease conference October 18-19, 2013, Who to call in the Immunization Program when you have questions, Pentacel vaccine supply shortage continues, Pediarix is now available, Child care provider access to the Immunization Registry, BRFSS update on adult immunizations, Meaningful use and the VT Immunization Registry. Flu Insert -- 2013 Pediatric Influenza Bulletin.

June 2013

Vaccine storage and handling, Data loggers -- Most common questions, Who to call for what -- the Immunization Program Team, VFC/VFA Online Reenrollment, Pentacel and Pediarix shortages, It's Ok to Ask Immunization Campaign, 2012-2013 school data. Insert -- Immunization Registry: How to use the vaccines due by practice report.

January 2013

Hepatitis B Vaccine Schedule, Tdap for Every Pregnancy, IMR-Use the Immunization Registry to identify 13-17 year olds who have not yet received Tdap, Ask the Experts: Vaccines Eempt from 28 Day Rule, VTrckS -- the 5 Most Common Questions, In Brief -- Pertussis in Vermont, It's Ok To Ask -- A Public Education Campaign

August 2012

VTrckS: What to Expect; Pneumococcal Disease Prevention in Adults; Ask the Experts about Rotavirus Vaccines; Safe Vaccine Storage; Changes in Immunization Law (Act 157); IMR Update

March 2012
Vaccine Accountability; Registry Update; Ask the Experts; Legislative Update; Immunize Health Care Personnel; In Brief: VTrckS; Vermont's Perinatal Hepatitis B Program

December 2011
Invasive Pneumococcal Disease and PCV13; Ask the Experts; Flu vaccine; IMR Update; Vaccine S&H; HPV vaccine

September 2011
VT Immunization Law; Varicella Storage & Handling; Zoster Vaccine Update; HL7 Messaging; Ask The Experts; In Brief: Measles; 2010 National Immunization Survey

June 2011
Zoster Vaccine Update; Perinatal Hep B; HPV for males; Registry Update; Ask The Experts; In Brief; School Rates

March 2011
MMR and Autism; Purchasing Pool; VIS; Registry Update; Ask The Experts; In Brief; Excellence Award

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Pediatric Influenza Bulletin

2011 Immunization Conference Presentations Archive

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Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS)

Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System

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