AAA Accredited Pest Control Investigation – Chlorpyrifos Misuse

The Health Department has been working with the Agency of Agriculture, Food & Markets to investigate misuse of the pesticide chlorpyrifos by AAA Accredited Pest Control of North Clarendon, Vermont in treating residences for bed bugs and other pests.

All indoor uses of this pesticide have been banned by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) since 2001 due to its potential harmful health effects. Exposure to this pesticide can affect the nervous system, and can be especially harmful for children and women of childbearing age. It is not known to cause cancer.

About Chlorpyrifos: PDF document

The Health Department has been contacting landlords and residents of homes and apartments where chlorpyrifos may have been used by AAA Accredited Pest Control in 2009 to 2013. This type of pesticide can stay in the home for a long time even if it was treated months or years ago.

The State of Vermont is offering free laboratory testing to determine if chlorpyrifos is present in these homes, and at what levels.

To schedule your test:

7/09/2013 - Health Advisory: Chlorpyrifos Misuse in Rutland County
7/10/2013 - News: State Investigates Misuse of Pesticide
8/08/2013 - News: State Continues Investigation

EPA and CDC’s Agency of Toxic Substances and Disease Registry (ATSDR) experts joined the state’s response effort in September 2013 to assist with community outreach, testing and recommendations for cleaning/decontamination. Homes or apartments that have chlorpyrifos detected at levels above the EPA’s action level may be cleaned/decontaminated by EPA.

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Recommended Health Protection Actions

Based on the amount of pesticide detected and its potential health effects, the Health Department has recommended that some residents relocate temporarily until their home can be cleaned and re-tested.

Dec. 15, 2013 – To date, the Health Department has reached more than 400 residents and landlords, and a total of 183 homes have been tested.

Homes Tested
Category A
No action is needed, no need for relocation or special cleaning
Category B
Lower levels chlorpyrifos detected, recommend special cleaning
Category C/D
Higher levels chlorpyrifos detected, may recommend EPA cleaning

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Clean Up Guidance for Lower Levels of Chlorpyrifos

Category B Guidance

This guidance is for owners and residents of properties that have been contaminated by the pesticide chlorpyrifos (CPS). This guidance is specifically for properties with lower levels (Category B) of CPS. It represents the best advice of the Vermont Department of Health and the Agency of Agriculture at this time, and may be updated if more information is collected.

After cleaning walls and other painted surfaces, prime with a coat of latex primer and then apply two coats of latex paint. For unpainted wood surfaces, either prime and paint or apply several coats of urethane.

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Relocation Recommendations

These recommendations are for residents who have been advised to relocate. They reflect what we know at this time and are subject to change as we get more information. In general, we recommend that you do not take anything that came into direct contact with the pesticide. We strongly recommend you do not take any soft goods that were treated by AAA.

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