Health Regulations for Lodging Establishments

CHAPTER 5, SUBCHAPTER 2A: Lodging Establishments

  1. ROOMS

    No room shall be used as a sleeping room which does not have at least one standard window located on an outside wall and capable of being opened to admit fresh air or equivalent means of ventilation. The floor, walls and ceiling of each sleeping room, whether in a hotel, inn, house or cabin and also any access hallways must be kept clean and in good repair. Each sleeping room, hallway, bath and toilet room must be well lighted and ventilated.


    The furnishings in every room and cabin shall be kept clean. All bedding, including mattresses, blankets, pillows and sheets must be thoroughly aired and kept clean. No bedding shall be used which is worn out and unfit for further use. Bed linen shall be changed and laundered after use by each separate guest. Individual cakes of soap, which shall be discarded after being used in a guest room or liquid or powdered soap in dispensers, shall be used.


    Water served for drinking, washing, baths or showers shall be from a source approved by the Department of Health and shall be distributed by a system of pipes. Glasses supplied for guest room shall be properly washed and sanitized and kept wrapped in a protective paper or plastic material. If paper or plastic cups are used, they shall be single service and contained in a manner to avoid contamination.


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