Join Ladies First

How to Join Ladies First

Joining is easy! 

Download the ladies first application

Download the Ladies First Provider Report

Or call:

Member Services Coordinator
TTY:TDD: Dial 711 and give the Ladies First number- 1-800-508-2222

Once you have the application:

  • Complete, sign and return the application and consent statement.
  • Receive your Ladies First membership card and Provider Report in the mail and call your doctor or nurse to make an appointment, or call our member services coordinator if you need help finding a doctor.
  • Call 800-508-2222 if you need help with transportation or interpretation services for your Ladies First appointment. 
  • Bring your Ladies First membership card and Provider Report to your Ladies First health screening visit. 
  • Receive your test results and work with your doctor, nurse, or the Ladies First lifestyle program coordinator to set health related goals and get connected to resources and programs to support your health.
  • Re-enroll each year and get screened again.