Board of Medical Practice

The Vermont Board of Medical Practice licenses allopathic physicians, physician assistants and podiatrists, and certifies anesthesiologist assistants and radiologist assistants.

Nurses, osteopaths and other health professionals are regulated by the Secretary of States's Office of Professional Regulation.

The Board also investigates complaints and charges of unprofessional conduct against any health care professional it licenses or certifies, and determines if charges are substantiated.

Physician License Renewal 2018
The Vermont physician license renewal period begins August 30, 2018. Vermont physician medical licenses will expire on November 30, 2018. Below are links to instructions and important information regarding the license renewal proceess and continuing medical education requirements.

Instructions for Physician Licensing Renewal 2018
CME Hour Requirements FAQ
CME Tips and Information
CME Excerpt of Rules for License Renewal

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Worforce Census Information

If you missed the link to the census in the renewal application, you can access the census survey here:

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If you encounter difficulties with the census, please contact:

Phone: (802) 863-7300 or 1-800-869-2871


Contact Information

Licensing Questions (M-F, 7:45 am - 4:30 pm) - 802-657-4223 or

Mailing address 108 Cherry Street, PO Box 70, Burlington, VT 05402
Street address 108 Cherry Street, Suite 206, Burlington, VT, 05401

Phone (802) 657-4220
Fax (802) 657-4227

In This Section

Check out these frequently asked questions about medical licensure or certification in Vermont.

Use the eLicense system to find public information about physicians, physician assistants, anesthesiologist assistants or radiologist assistants licensed in Vermont.

Here are the forms and information required for medical licensure and certification in Vermont. You must complete both the online application and the required forms, which are downloadable here. 

The Board of Medical Practice is committed to protecting the public, promoting good practice, and supporting our licensees with licensing services and information.

The Board is composed of medical professionals and public members who serve as a neutral and independent body commissioned to oversee the practice of medicine and to protect the public.

The dates listed on this schedule are provided for the convenience of those interested in the licensing process. 

Here you will find links to statutes, rules, policies and resources to help you find the answers to questions about medical practice in Vermont.

The Board investigates complaints of unprofessional conduct and may issue reprimands or revoke, suspend or place conditions on professional licenses and certifications, or take action where appropriate to protect public health and safety.