Youth Prevention
Tobacco Control Program

VKAT Youth Group Rally photoVermont has had large declines in youth smoking rates, but prevention is still the focus. Each day youth are still exposed to many tobacco messages, resulting in 3,000 new smokers nationally each day.

We’re reaching out to youth ages
10-18, through our TV and radio media campaigns, and by providing information and tools to a number of groups that are working in the local communities.

Our network of community coalitions, as well as our OVX and VKAT groups, take part in youth prevention initiatives in their local areas. These community partners have moved beyond traditional prevention activities in recent years, and have been working to change the social norms around tobacco in their communities.

Through policy changes, like smoke-free outdoor areas and reduced tobacco advertising at the retail level, these groups are reducing the impact of tobacco in their towns. In Enosburg, the parks are now smoke-free, an initiative that was led by OVX members who collaborated with the local community coalition.


Vermont Quit NetworkJoin the 802Quits Network

It's easy to become addicted to smoking.
There's help when you're ready to quit.

Quit Online

802 Quits has many online options, including Your Quit Your Way tools and online support. The Your Quit Your Way tools can be found at

Quit by Phone

Call 1-800-QUIT-NOW (784-8669)
The Vermont Quit Network links you with a quit coach who will call at a time that works for you. Your coach will help you get ready to quit, and will give you tips. advice, and support to help you stay quit. They'll even help out if you've had a relapse and want to try again. The Network can also link you to a local coach, online support, or mail out self-help tools. Call 1-800-QUIT-NOW (784-8669) to get started.


Visit counterbalancevt.comTobacco advertising at the point of sale is even more influential on teen smoking than peer pressure. CounterBalance is a Vermont Department of Health campaign to educate Vermonters about the impact of tobacco advertising on Vermont’s youth.

For more information, visit

Our Voices Xposed (OVX)

OVX-Our Voices Exposed logo

OVX is a high-school aged, youth-led movement against tobacco to educate, inform and empower teens to reduce smoking among their peers. The OVX effort allows youth to address, educate and help reduce tobacco's impact on their lives and those of their peers.

The Vermont teens that started OVX in 2001created the name and the goals that guide the movement:

OVX works on tobacco policy change and many other topics, and addresses issues of fitness & nutrition, health relationships, stress management and other drug prevention.

To learn more or to get involved, visit OVX on Facebook, or contact

Vermont Kids Against Tobacco (VKAT)

VKAT - Vermont Kids Against Tobacco logoVKAT is a peer-led group that was started in 1995 to educate kids (5th to 8th grade) about the real dangers of tobacco use. Over the last ten years VKAT has grown from 10 groups to 51 and the content area has expanded to include alcohol and other drugs, fitness & nutrition, media literacy, life skills and decision making.

More than 750 middle school youth were VKAT members last year - they held 382 tobacco prevention related activities that reached over 24,000 community members.

The goals of VKAT

To learn more or to get involved, contact

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More Resources

The Truth
National group fighting to get the truth about tobacco out there.

Tobacco Talks
From the campaign for Tobacco Free Kids.

Protecting Kids from Tobacco
The 2009 Family Smoking Prevention and Control Act give the Federal Drug Administration (FDA) authority to regulate tobacco products. Learn more about how the FDA is protecting kids and get fact sheets at this site.

Children and Compliance Checks
This site shows you how retailers in your neighborhood and around the country are complying with the law to halt tobacco sales to children. You can search by location or establishment and can call up reports showing national and state results.

Vermont Department of Liquor Control
The DLC handles retail training and enforcement of rules pertaining to youth access to tobacco.

Vermont Department of Education
Find out about the school curriculum for tobacco and prevention education, as well as tobacco policy for Vermont schools.

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