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Vermont has a long history of passing state laws and local policies to protect people from secondhand smoke, to stop youth from starting to use tobacco, and to lower the prevalence of tobacco use. Laws and bans on smoking in public places, at home and in the car, lead to quit attempts. Our comprehensive laws restrict possession of lit tobacco products and use of tobacco substitutes (e-cigarettes and other vaping devices) in work and public places, with very few exemptions. Vape shops, which are in the sole business of selling vaping or e-cigarette equipment, are exempted.

Tobacco Use Policy & Prevalence

Vermont’s Smoke-Free Laws: Act 135 and Act 108

Act 135, passed in 2014, extends secondhand smoke protections in workplaces, motor vehicles, public places, on school grounds, and in child care settings. The law also took a first step in protecting children from e-cigarette liquid poisonings by requiring child-proof packaging.

Clean Indoor Air and Act 108

Act 108, passed in 2016, further strengthens the state’s Clean Indoor Act and offers more protection for Vermonters, including exposures from e-cigarette secondhand smoke. Vermont was one of the first states to pass a comprehensive Clean Indoor Air Act that banned lit tobacco products in nearly all common areas of indoor “places of public access.”

Act 108 enhances the law by restricting the use of e-cigarettes or other vaping devices, defined as tobacco substitutes, wherever smoking is prohibited. Vermont is one of the first 10 states to include e-cigarettes in its Clean Indoor Act.

tobacco control statutes

The Vermont General Assembly has made the statute language accessible to the public. To learn more about tobacco control language in statute, including definitions, licensing, possession and violations, below are some of the relevant chapters:

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