Vermont's 'Smoking in the Workplace' Law

What does the 'Smoking in the Workplace' law require?

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What are the employee rights specified in the law?

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Can an employer establish other policies like smoke free cars or outdoor areas of the workplace?

The law only applies to workplaces within enclosed structures, like office buildings. However, many Vermont employers have already voluntarily established smoke free campus policies or smoke free outdoor areas around the perimeter of buildings. Setting policies for smoking in company vehicles, or vehicles located on company property, is up to the individual employer. Sample policies are available online at Quit@Work.

Can an employer designate an outdoor smoking area?

Yes. The law does not restrict smoking outdoors, and does not specifically address whether the employer should or should not allow smoking to occur within a certain distance of a workplace. However, the employer should not allow outdoor smoking near doorways, windows and building air supply intakes, through which tobacco smoke may readily enter the building.

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What does the law say about schools?

Because Vermont enacted a subsequent law that bans all tobacco use on public school grounds, the portions of this law that apply to schools are relevant only to private schools. The more recent law regarding public schools supercedes this earlier law.

The requirements that apply to any workplace under this law apply as well to schools, except that

Where can I get more information and a poster?

Employers are encouraged to post the smoke free workplace poster to notify employees and the public about this change. The Vermont Department of Health can also help employees who may be motivated to quit through our VT Quit Network services.

Vermont Department of Health
108 Cherry Street - P.O. Box 70
Burlington, VT 05402-0070
Toll-free From Within Vermont:

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