Vermont Department of Health Distributes Additional Flu Vaccine

For Immediate Release: December 10, 2003

Contact: Vermont Department of Health
Communications Office
802- 863-7281

BURLINGTON—Due to early and widespread flu activity in some parts of the country, the demand for flu vaccine in Vermont is up and vaccine supplies are low.

“Today, the Department of Health’s search for additional flu vaccine paid off. We have received an additional order of 3000 doses of vaccine for children ages 4 to 18,” said State Epidemiologist Dr. Cort Lohff. “The Department is now re-distributing this vaccine to health care providers according to need. Because of the limited supply of vaccine, we are providing guidance to health care providers for using this vaccine. This includes guidance for targeting vaccine to children at high risk of complications from the flu.”

Vermonters responded to the messages in October and November urging them to get their flu vaccinations. This means that more Vermonters than ever are protected against the flu this year including many who would be at high risk of complications from the flu.

For those who did not get a flu vaccination, there are still some steps they can take to stay healthy during this flu season. These steps can reduce the risk of getting or spreading the flu: