School Health in East Central Vermont

School Liaison

Our school liaison is a nurse who works with schools, families and community partners in our region to improve health outcomes for school age children. The school liaison provides support to school nurses and works to promote wellness for the whole school community. We promote use of the School Nurse Manual and School Health Index as well as school wellness teams using the Whole School, Whole Community, Whole Child framework, farm to school programs and Safe Routes to School. We can assist with development of school policies and can help find grant opportunities to support this work.

School wellness teams

School Wellness Teams promote and integrate health and develop policy in the school. The school liaison is a consultant and cheerleader to help the Wellness Teams navigate the process, and we encourage the use of data and evidence-based practices to achieve outcomes. One example of success is the Farm to School program at Thetford Elementary, which is looked to by many as a model program, and which benefitted from school liaison support.

Safe routes to school

The Safe Routes to School program helps make walking and biking to school safe and easy options to promote physical activity for children. The program can help your school develop a travel plan and identify structural needs such as sidewalks, signs and walking lanes. We can help you initiate and maintain programming to support use of the routes. This could include a weekly walking school bus, where children are dropped at a common location and walk together to school, or it could include walk/bike to school days. Wendy, our school liaison, is a Safe Routes to School Champion. For more information, visit the Safe Routes webpage.

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