Worksite Wellness in Caledonia, Southern Essex and Orange Counties

Worksite wellness programs and policies are very important to helping adults lead healthy lives. Workplaces that remove barriers to healthy food choices, physical activity and access to preventive health services help reduce chronic disease risk factors, support emotional and mental health, and boost productivity for employees. In return, investing in worksite wellness programs can help curb healthcare costs and have other financial benefits for employers.

The St. Johnsbury Local Health Office works collaboratively with community partners to encourage local businesses to develop worksite wellness programs and implement wellness policies. We provide information to businesses that explains the importance and benefits of healthy employees and a healthy workplace. We also connect worksites with resources, partners and grant opportunities.

Workshite Wellness Initiatives can Include:

  • Offering healthy food options in vending machines.
  • Supporting exercise groups for staff.
  • Encouraging the purchase of nutritious foods for catered office meetings and trainings.

The options for change are vast and can be tailored to fit individual workplaces. Our staff continue to support and assist worksites as they introduce and then maintain changes to their wellness programs and policies. We are committed to partnering with workplaces to help develop or expand worksite wellness programs and/or policies.  We can also connect worksites with resources, partners, and grant opportunities.

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