School Health in Franklin and Grand Isle Counties

The School Liaison in the St. Albans Local Health Office works with school communities and health care providers to support the needs of schools, families and community partners to improve health outcomes for kids in local schools. 
We help schools ensure that children without health insurance receive medical care. Our team acts as a liaison between schools and health care providers, and we make sure schools can access electronic health records. We support efforts to ensure families know recommended times for well-care visits, and what to expect at those visits following Bright Futures guidelines
We review and share information to identify resources that may be useful to school nurses, principals or superintendents, and provide updates on wellness topics and available grant opportunities to support school health. In addition, we:

Local Highlights

  • Enabled a school to get free seeds to plant a school garden.
  • Improved communications between schools, health care providers and families regarding vaccines.
  • Supported a school to engage an outside counselor to work with students.
  • Worked with a supervisory union to implement a school nurse leader model, which serves to coordinate school nurse activities within the supervisory union.

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