School Health in Rutland County

Our School Health Team works collaboratively with schools, supervisory unions, school districts, community organizations, students and their families to improve the health and well-being of school-aged children across Rutland County. 

Better Health for Our Community's Children

  • We assist wellness teams as they update and improve their School Wellness Policy using the Whole School, Whole Community, Whole Child Model.
  • We provide support and guidance for school wellness teams as they develop and implement school-wide health policies, programs and initiatives.
  • We collaborate with schools to connect families to health insurance, as well as medical and dental care practices.  
  • We provide schools with resources and information that address health issues such as obesity, diabetes, asthma, and substance abuse prevention and treatment. 
  • We link schools and our community to school health related data sources such as the

Youth Risk Behavior Survey

  • We support the work of Student Assistance Program (SAP) Counselors as they provide substance abuse prevention education, assessment and referrals for students.

Immunization Surveillance

  • We provide infectious disease prevention related information, including immunization information, to schools in our community.

Professional Development and Grant Opportunities for School Nurses

  • Annual Rutland County School Nurse and Office Nurse Meeting co-sponsored by the Vermont State School Nurses Association (VSSNA) (local representatives).
  • In partnership with VSSNA, we co-sponsor Rutland County School Nurse Discussions three to four times during the school year. Local professionals present on topics that are highly requested by school nurses. 2015-16 discussions included child development, joint injuries and leadership in the school nurse office. Continuing Nursing Education credits are offered as applicable to the topic selected.
We also collaborate with organizations and community partners to strengthen the local support for families and students:

Local Highlights

Chopped Challenge at Castleton Village School
The “Chopped Challenge” event at Castleton Village School is a popular annual event sponsored by the School’s Wellness Committee. This is a student driven project that occurs on the day before the December break each year. Student homerooms, or “Odysseys”, are provided with a list of ingredients and are each allotted money to purchase a carbohydrate for their recipe. On the day of the event, Student Odyssey groups display their written recipe, prepare a dish to share with judges, and decorate tables for presentation. Students then perform a 30 second promo for their recipe before sharing tasting samples with judges. This is a fun learning activity that crosses curricula, drawing from living arts, math, and science while serving as a wonderful team-building social experience for students.
The Magic of Nutrition at Proctor Elementary School and Junior/Senior High School
To celebrate National Nutrition Month, the Proctor High and Elementary Schools used federally available funding to host "The Magic of Nutrition", a magician using the incredible art of magic to discuss nutrition education. At the elementary school, he talked about making good food choices and not buying junk food. At the high school he emphasized hydration (with a disappearing water glass), the need for healthy food choices and the need to lead a healthful lifestyle.
School Health Fair at Rutland High School

The Coordinated School Health Team at Rutland High School sponsors a health fair every June for its students and faculty. This end of year celebration focuses on all aspects of healthy living. Community organizations participate by providing display tables with free healthy food items, health related information and resource handouts. There are also drawings for prizes for students.

Getting to “Y” Community Dialogue Night at Otter Valley Union High School

In early 2016, 9 seventh and eighth grade students from Otter Valley Union High School hosted a Community Dialogue Night as part of their Getting to ‘Y’ to efforts. Getting to ‘Y’ is an initiative through “Up for Learning” that helps students bring meaning to their Youth Risk Behavior Survey data. The Community Dialogue Night brought together about twenty-five members of Otter Valley’s greater community. The student leaders facilitated activities that helped highlight student-identified strengths and concerns from their YRBS data as well as activities that fostered action steps in addressing identified concerns. As a result of this year-long effort and work, students are now taking direct action to strengthen the health and wellbeing of their school community.

Wallingford Winter Sport Program at Wallingford Elementary School

The Rutland South Supervisory Union’s Coordinated School Health Team offers support and access to federal funding for certain school wide health-based activities and programs. In Wallingford, the Elementary school provides healthy, outdoor physical activity during the winter months.  Once a week for six weeks, all students participate in skiing, snowboarding, X-country skiing and/or skating programs.

Girls on the Run at Middletown Springs Elementary School

Girls on the Run (GOTR) is a nationally recognized program that uses running as a means to inspire girls to be confident and physically active. The Middletown Springs Elementary School had nearly 100% participation rate with its GOTR program. Due to the program’s amazing success, the school’s girls will continue to participate in GOTR in sixth grade. Much more than just a running program, GOTR explores topics such as gossip, peer pressure and strategies for dealing with difficult emotions in a fun and accessible way. Every year, participants make meaningful connections while developing positive self-image, confidence and empathy in a supportive group environment.

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