School Health in the Upper Northeast Kingdom

We support the promotion of public health in our schools by coordinating with schools to administer Medicaid Administrative Claiming Funds, supporting school nurses in their roles and advocating for every child to have a medical and dental home. We help schools develop wellness teams to build a culture of good health and wellness using the Whole School, Whole Community, Whole Child model.

Local Supervisory Unions

Getting to 'Y'

We collaborate with local schools in the Getting to 'Y' initiative. Getting to ‘Y’ is an opportunity for students to take a lead in bringing meaning to their own Youth Risk Behavior Survey data, and to take steps to strengthen their school and community. Lowell Elementary School has participated in Getting to ‘Y’ for two consecutive years. Their first Community Dialogue Night in 2015 engaged school board members, law enforcement, local coalitions, and Health Department staff, as well as other members of the community. We support local schools with engagement in Getting to ‘Y’ by providing data resources, updates on local and state legislation, as well as connections to other community partners pertinent to the strengths and challenges identified by the students. This year Lowell students opted to plan and carry out a Healthy Choices Fair for all the students in the school.

Safe Routes to School

We support Safe Routes to School, a comprehensive program based on a simple premise: our kids should be able to safely walk and bike to school. Walking and biking to school helps students develop independence, improves academic performance, helps reduce traffic congestion and air pollution, and helps create a stronger community.

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