Maternal and Child Health in Lamoille Valley

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The Morrisville Local Health Office promotes the health and wellness of women, children and families throughout their lives. To do this we work with:

Children, youth & families

Women, Children and Families

Health Professionals and Child Care Providers

  • We support and outreach to health care and dental health care providers, home visiting nurses, our local parent-child center and child care providers to share current key messages on maternal and child health.
  • We promote Bright Futures, a national health promotion and prevention initiative that sets kids up for long and healthy lives.
  • We provide training on a variety of topics to birthing center nurses and home visiting nurses.
  • We provide education and technical assistance to child care providers.

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Children with Special Health Needs

Help Me Grow

Lactation and Birthing Solutions

Local Breastfeeding Friendly Employer Grant Recipient

The Town of Hardwick received the Breastfeeding Friendly Employer grant in 2015. They did a great job turning their space into a bright, light-filled new breakroom with a refrigerator and new flooring with a dual purpose as a private lactation space.

Breastfeeding Friendly Employers

Our local health office also supports breastfeeding in the community. We do this by collaborating with workplaces to make them more accessible to breastfeeding moms. For example, through a Breastfeeding Friendly Employers grant, local employers were able to create private lactation spaces within their organizations.

Contact Wendy, at 802-888-1353 if you would like to become a Breastfeeding Friendly Employer.

Local Highlights
We serve on teams dedicated to protecting the health and safety of children and families. We collaborate with local health care providers, hospitals and partner organizations to create systems that improve access to care, such as:
Compassionate Bereavement Coalition of Lamoille Valley

We coordinate the Maternal Child Health Coalition of Lamoille Valley which focuses on improving the health and wellbeing of women, children and families in the Lamoille Valley.

We manage the Lamoille Valley Community Response Team, which collaborates with the “Close to Home” program to support high-risk pregnant women and ensure they receive the services and support they need.

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Wendy, Public Health Nurse