Healthy Homes in Lamoille Valley

Lead Testing

We ensure that all 1 and 2-year-old children in Central Vermont who are enrolled in WIC are screened for lead poisoning through their primary health care provider or at a WIC clinic. If a child tested in the WIC clinic has an elevated lead screen result, the designee will contact the primary healthcare provider so that a second type of lead test can be ordered to confirm the result.

Information and Resources

We provide education materials for medical providers and the public including fact sheets about lead testing, home radon testing, drinking water quality testing for homeowners, and other ways to keep homes healthy and safe.
Rental Housing
Families who live in rental housing are referred to their local Town Health Officer for rental housing code violations. Find your Town Health Officer.
Radon Test Kit

Order a free home radon testing kit. See a video about radon in the home. 

Drinking Water Test Kit

Request drinking water testing kits from the Vermont Department of Health Laboratory by calling 800-660-9997 or 802-338-4736.

Contact Information

Terri, Health Outreach Specialist