School Health in Addison County

We support schools in promoting health and wellness for the entire school community. We provide assistance to schools reviewing, writing, and implementing wellness policies, understanding federal and state regulations including immunizations for school entry and promoting best practices and state health initiatives. 

Quarterly School Nurse Meetings

We facilitate quarterly school nurse meetings for the county. These meetings:

  • Connect schools with community resources.
  • Provide school nurses with a forum to discuss school health issues.
  • Provide opportunities for training in areas including dental health, eye health, and access to healthcare. For example, a Health Connect Navigator has provided training to school nurses about Vermont’s health insurance options to ensure families have access to medical care, dental care and mental health care.
We help schools develop comprehensive wellness teams to build a culture of good health and wellness using the Whole School, Whole Community, Whole Child Model. School wellness teams representing this model focus on improving health and education outcomes of students with the understanding that healthy kids learn better. We support these teams and provides helpful resources. One local school utilized this model to identify health priorities and developed a standardized health curriculum throughout the supervisory union. 

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