Immunizations For Adults

As an adult, it is important to stay up to date with vaccination to reduce your risk of preventable illness.  There are vaccines recommended for all adults, and some immunizations are specifically needed if you are pregnant, have risk factors such as diabetes, some other chronic conditions or if you are a cigarette smoker.  Vaccines are usually available from your primary care provider, OB-GYN or local pharmacy.  Learn more about the vaccines adults should have and the diseases they prevent. 

Get vaccinated as soon as the annual flu vaccine is available and protect yourself from getting the flu. All adults should get a flu vaccine.

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Vaccines Needed During Pregnancy

With each pregnancy, you need whooping cough (Tdap) and flu vaccinations.  The Tdap vaccine should be given between 27 and 36 weeks of every pregnancy.  The antibodies you develop from being vaccinated are shared with your baby, giving important protection before the baby can be vaccinated.  Ask your health care provider if you’re up-to-date.

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Information on Recommended Vaccines for Adults
Vaccines in Vermont: Access and Cost

The Vermont Immunization Program supplies primary care providers with all recommended vaccines for adults (except flu) 19 – 64 years of age. Although some health care providers may charge patients small fees for the administration of vaccine, Vermont supplies these vaccines to health care providers free of charge. Those lacking health insurance or access to a provider may receive vaccines at no-cost through the Health Department Local Offices.