AFIX - Quality Improvement

AFIX - Assessment, Feedback, Incentives and eXchange is a CDC quality improvement program using evidence-based strategies to increase the numbers of fully immunized people to prevent illness. Public health nurses working for the immunization program are employed at local Vermont Department of Health offices. When AFIX is scheduled, the public health nurse assesses coverage rates for selected vaccinations recommended by age 2 and during adolescence.

Practices self-assess office vaccination processes using a CDC questionnaire of evidence-based strategies.  During this one-hour discussion, the public health nurse shares the practice's immunization rates, facilitates staff review of evidence-based strategies, and supports development of achievable plans that staff will implement in the next few months. Incentives are offered to motivate and assist with the strategies selected. A follow-up information eXchange is scheduled three to six months later. At that point the practice staff review updated immunization coverage rates and assess their progress. Participation in the AFIX process has been shown to increase vaccination coverage.

AFIX can be used to meet health care reform indicators

Current health care reform efforts measure a practice’s ability to meet specified indicators. Practices can use AFIX to monitor practice-specific immunization rates and get support to implement evidence-based strategies to improve rates in a short period of time.

Vermont Immunization Champion
CDC and the CDC Foundation honor Immunization Champions from each of the 50 U.S. states each year. Vermont’s 2016 CDC Childhood Immunization Champion is Mary Helen Bayerle, RN. At the UVMMC-Family Medicine clinic in Berlin, Mary Helen has been instrumental in educating staff regarding immunizations, and working with the team to implement strategies that will help increase childhood immunization levels.



Health Care Practice Recognition

Childhood immunization coverage - Met the Healthy People 2020 (HP2020) target of 80% for full series coverage (includes ≥4 DTaP, ≥3 Polio, ≥1 measles containing vaccine, Hib full series, ≥3 Hepatitis B, ≥1 Varicella and ≥ 4 Pneumococcal Conjugate vaccines)

  • Green Mountain Pediatrics
  • Newbury Health Clinic
  • UVMHN Pediatric Primary Care Barre
  • Brookside Pediatrics
  • Hagan, Rinehart and Connolly

Teen immunization coverage - Met the HP2020 target of 80% for Tdap vaccine and MCV vaccines and reached 60% progress toward the HP2020 target of 80% for ≥ 3 HPV vaccine

  • Green Mountain Pediatrics
  • Newbury Health Clinic

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