Surveillance of Physical Activity and Nutrition in Vermont

Increasing physical activity and access to healthy diet choices are important in reducing the impact of chronic disease. The Health Department promotes physical activity and good nutrition as a means of chronic disease prevention and healthy lifestyle choices.

State Public Health Actions 1305 is the Center for Disease Control and Prevention’s (CDC) approach for states to prevent chronic disease in a coordinated fashion and increase opportunities for physical activity and healthy diet. Vermont is funded by the CDC under this grant.

Physical activity and Nutrition Promotion3-4-50

Physical inactivity and poor diet are two of the three behaviors which lead to four of the diseases that result in over 50% of deaths among Vermonters.

Following the long history of improving health among Vermonters, the Health Department has set goals for increasing physical activity and healthy diet. See our progress on our Healthy Vermonters 2020 goals:

Physical Activity and Nutrition Surveillance Reports

Data Pages

The 1305 data pages are designed to provide a comprehensive overview of diabetes, cardiovascular disease, obesity, and their associated risk factors (physical activity and nutrition) and related school health topics in adults and youth from all relevant surveillance sources. It provides demographic breakdowns and trends for all topics. They are useful to those interested about theses chronic health conditions and health behaviors in Vermont. Last published June, 2017.

Adult Workforce Health Summary

The adult workforce health summary provides an overview of the Vermont adult (18 and older) workforce who are currently employed for wages or are self-employed. It covers topics including demographics, industry and occupation associated with employment, health status and health access indicators, chronic diseases/condition prevalence, risk behaviors, and preventive care. It provides trends and occupation breakdowns for all topics. These data are useful to those interested in chronic disease prevention and management in Vermont’s adult workforce.