Hearing Health:
Early Hearing Detection and Intervention Program

Smiling infantJust as every child is different, so are the signs and symptoms of hearing loss.

Hearing screening is simple and painless. Early screening ensures children early access to services to help them reach their full potential. Contact your child's doctor if you have any concerns about your child's hearing.

Hearing Loss Topics

Vermont Early Hearing Detection & Intervention Program

VTEHDI works with hospitals and other community providers, such as early head start, homebirth midwives and primary care professionals to provide newborn and early periodic hearing screenings. The program provides support, training, and case management to families and their babies, and to community providers. These partnerships ensure timely referrals for diagnostic testing and early intervention services.

As part of the Department of Health's Office for Children with Special Health Needs, VTEHDI provides support, training, and case management for families and their babies, hospitals, and community providers. VTEHDI works with state and national agencies and organizations to achieve the National EHDI goals

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Newborn Hearing Screening

All babies born in Vermont are offered a newborn hearing screening by their birth facility or midwife.  Hearing screenings are available for newborns that did not have a newborn hearing screening or did not pass the first screening at all Vermont birthing hospitals, pediatric audiology practices, some primary care practices and by midwives.

Hearing screening results are sent to VTEHDI by hospitals, midwives, primary care providers and audiologists. These providers also send high-risk information on each baby related to late onset hearing loss. VTEHDI provides families and providers follow-up recommendations for on-going hearing health care based on identified risk factors.

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Hearing and Intervention Services

Hospital Outpatient Screening Appointments PDF document
Hospitals offer outpatient hearing screenings for newborns. Call the hospital to schedule an appointment.

Regional Pediatric Audiology Practices PDF document
Facilities and providers that offer hearing evaluations for children.

Alina Mills, M.S. CCC/SLP - Speech-Language Pathologist
Early intervention services for children that are deaf and hard of hearing using hearing aids and/or cochlear implants.  Support for families includes information, training and guidance in the development of language and communication, auditory skills, and use of hearing technology.
Tel: 802-338-7941
Email: jalinamills@gmail.com

Nine East Network Deaf and Hard of Hearing Program
Provides home and school based services to children who are deaf and hard of hearing, their families, and school teams.

The Vermont Sensory Access Project (VSAP)
VSAP provides training and technical assistance to support Vermont children and youth, birth to 22 years, who have a combined vision and hearing loss.

Technical assistance and training are available to families and professionals to address the unique needs of children with combined vision and hearing loss and to collaboratively address ways to build the child's development in home, school, and/or community settings. These services are in addition to those provided by administrative units, and other state and local agencies.

Vermont Interpreter Referral Service

Vermont Telecommunication Relay Service (Dial 7-1-1)

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Providers Access to Screening Results

immunization registry log onNew Users: Please fax a signed Provider Confidentiality Agreement to 802-951-1218.

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Contact VTEHDI

Vermont Early Hearing Detection and Intervention Program
Vermont Department of Health
108 Cherry St., PO Box 70
Burlington, VY 05402

Tel: 800-537-0076 or 802-651-1872
Email: vtehdi@vermont.gov

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