Food Safety for Consumers

Each year an estimated 48 million cases of foodborne illness occur in the U.S.—the equivalent of one in six Americans. The resources on this page can help to keep you and your family safer from food poisoning.


Many of this season's holidays involve perishable foods like ham, beef, lamb and eggs. These foods need to be handled properly at home to prevent foodborne illness. 

Share these food safety tips for spring celebrations with friends, loved ones, and people in your social networks.

Safe Food Handling
Cooking for Groups
Safe Home Food Preservation from UVM Extension 
Wash Hands and Surfaces Often
Food Allergies
Safe Minimum Cooking Temperatures
Emergency Preparedness—Keeping Food Safe in an Emergency
Food Safety Basics from the US Department of Agriculture
Foodborne Illnesses
Vermont Foodborne Illness Information
FDA Food Facts for Consumers
Recall Information from the Food & Drug Administration
Recall Information from the USDA