After a Flood - Demolition and Removal of Water-Damaged Building Materials

Inspect water-damaged materials for asbestos and lead

If there is no pre-existing information about building materials impacted by water damage, it is advisable to have a Vermont-licensed inspector conduct an inspection for asbestos and lead.

Use licensed abatement contractors if necessary

If it is necessary to demolish or remove water damaged building materials that may contain - or are suspected to contain - asbestos or lead, the use of licensed abatement contractors may be required, and a permit may be necessary.

Contractors may need to apply for the necessary abatement permits or alternate work practices.

Asbestos and Lead Contractors

For More Information

Asbestos and Lead Regulatory Program
P.O. Box 70 , 108 Cherry St .
Burlington, VT 05402
800-439-8550 (toll free within Vermont)
Fax: 802-863-7483

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