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New WIC food packages were implemented in Vermont in October 2009. While home delivery remains the primary distribution system for most WIC foods, Vermont WIC welcomed retail grocers to our distribution system specifically to provide a variety of fresh, frozen and canned fruits and vegetables.
Because of the dual delivery system for WIC, the WIC Approved Foods are listed in two separate sections below: Home Delivery and Retail Delivery.

Beginning this summer 2015, the Vermont WIC program will be moving from home delivery of WIC foods to a new electronic benefits card - theVermont WIC card. You can use your card to buy all WIC foods at authorized grocery stores around the state. Click here to see what foods you can buy when you switch to eWIC.

Vermont WIC Approved Food List

Supplemental Food     

Approved Products for Home Delivery


Pasteurized fluid milk - Whole, Skim, or 1%  

Lactose free milk - Whole, or 1%


Cabot Sharp/Mild Cheddar – 1 lb. block

American – 1 lb. sliced, Any brand

Frigo - Part Skim Mozzarella – 1 lb. block


Vermont Soy, Organic, Firm, 16 ounce, refrigerated

Fortified Soy Beverage

Pacific Natural Foods, Ultra Soy, Plain, 32 oz, shelf stable

Vermont Soy, Plain, 32 oz, refrigerated

Breakfast Cereal

(hot or cold)

Whole Grain:

Ralston Hot Instant Oatmeal – 12 oz

General Mills Whole Grain Total – 16 oz

General Mills Cheerios – 18 oz

Post Honey Bunches of Oats Vanilla Bunches –18 oz

Kellogg’s Frosted Mini Wheats – 16 oz


General Mills Rice Chex – 12.8 oz

General Mills Kix – 12 oz

Whole Grain Bread

LaPanciatta Honey Oat, 16 oz loaf, sliced

Brown Rice

Uncle Bens – Natural Whole Grain Brown Rice 16 oz


Single strength pasteurized orange juice – Any brand

Welchs’ Juicemaker - shelf stable concentrate, grape and apple


Large grade A brown or white eggs, Any brand

Natural Peanut Butter

Nature’s Farms Old Fashioned Creamy Peanut Butter 18 oz jar

Canned Beans

Furmano - Kidney, Black Beans, Chick Peas, 15.5 oz cans


Crown Prince Chunk Light Tongol Tuna, 6.125 oz can

Infant Food - Cereal

Beechnut - Infant Rice - 8 oz box

Beechnut - Infant Oatmeal - 8 oz box

Infant Food – Fruits

Beechnut – Stage 2:

Bananas; Applesauce; Bananas, Apples, and Pears; Apples and Pears - 4 oz jars  

(4 each packed in a 16 jar multi-pack)

Infant Food – Vegetables

Beechnut - Stage 2:

Sweet Potatoes; Carrots; Squash; Green Beans - 4 oz jars 

(4 each packed in a 16 jar multi-pack)

Infant Food – Meats

Nature’s Goodness / Beechnut - 2.5-Ounce Containers:

Stage 1: Beef & Beef Broth; Turkey & Turkey Broth  

Supplemental Food    

Approved Products for Retail

Fresh Fruits and Vegetables

Any variety of fresh vegetables and fruits

Bagged salad mixtures, bagged vegetables

Canned Vegetables

Canned Fruits

Any brand

Any plain vegetable, plain vegetable mixtures (without potatoes)

Any size can

Regular, low sodium

Any brand packed in water or juice

Any plain fruit, plain fruit mixtures (except fruit cocktails)

Any container type (metal, plastic, glass)

Any size (except single-serving packages)

Applesauce –“No sugar added” or “unsweetened” varieties only

Frozen Vegetables

Frozen Fruit

Any brand

Any plain vegetable, plain vegetable mixtures

(without potatoes)

Any bag or box

Any size (except single-serving packages)

With or without salt

Any brand with no added sugar

Any plain fruit, plain fruit mixtures

Any bag or box

Any size

Organic products are allowed.