2011 Youth Risk Behavior Survey - District Results

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In 2011, school staff administered the YRBS to over 36,000 students in grades 6-12. Participation by schools and individual students was completely voluntary.  To protect student privacy, the survey was anonymous.  It is impossible to identify an individual student’s responses.

We urge caution when comparing one district to another or to the statewide results.  The statewide results are weighted to represent the population of all students in grades 9-12, or 6-8. The district results are not weighted and only represent those students who took the survey. Participation rates vary from school to school, some schools did not participate, some students were absent on the day the survey was administered, and other students declined to participate or did not complete the survey correctly.

Survey Changes in 2011

Before 2011, students in grades 8-12 took the Vermont Youth Risk Behavior Survey. In 2011, we conducted two surveys: a high school survey of students in grades 9-12, and a middle school survey of students in grades 6-8. All results in the 2011 high school survey report are for grades 9-12 only.


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