State of Vermont 1996 Vital Statistics

112th Report Relating to the Registry And Return of Births, Deaths, Marriages and Divorces

Welcome to the 1996 Vital Statistics Annual Report.

Publishing this report on the Web is a pilot project for us. We hope to gather feedback from you and gain insight and experience in preparation for the 1997 report.

You should be able to print out any text, table, or graph using your browser. If not, you may be able to copy and paste a table into another program, such as a word processor or spreadsheet, and print it from there. Please give us your reaction to this method of publishing, particularly your suggestions of what you like and dislike about this presentation. Call 802-651-1636 or email


1996 Vermont Summary and Population (Summary Statistics)

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All Birth Tables and (Summary)

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Age or Race of Mother, or Age of Father

County of Residence

Education of Mother or Father

Place of Birth

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Prenatal Care

Birth Weight

Pregnancy Risk Factors and Complications

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1996 Vermont Resident Deaths (Summary)

All death tables

10 Leading Causes of Death

113 Selected Causes of Death

Age, Race, Education, Marital Status &Sex

Place of Residence or Place of Death

Month or Weekday of Death

Injury Deaths

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1996 Vermont Resident Infant & Fetal Deaths, Abortions, Pregnancies (Summary)

1996 Vermont Abortions

1996 Vermont Resident Pregnancies

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1996 Vermont Marriages & Divorces (Summary)

1996 Vermont Marriages

1996 Vermont Divorces

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1996 County and Town Tables Population



Infant & Fetal Deaths, Abortions, &Pregnancies

Marriages & Divorces

1996 Appendices

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