Communicable Disease Reporting in Vermont

Health Care Providers

The law requires that health care providers report diseases of public health importance. Persons who are required to report:

Cases should be reported within 24 hours by calling the 24-hour reporting line at 802-951-4080 or 1-888-588-7781.

Laboratory Findings

Laboratories are required to provide a written report even if the reportable disease has been reported by others required to report. If no positive reportable laboratory findings have been made during a given week, then a written or electronic report of “No reportable findings” shall be made.

The Department of Health requests and strongly recommends that for all presumptive test results for reportable diseases, or any unusual findings, or where epidemiologic typing is desirable, the serum or a pure culture of the organism be sent to the Vermont Department of Health Laboratory. The Laboratory should be contacted directly at 802-863-7335 or 1-800-660-9997 (in Vermont only) for information on how to submit cultures and specimens.