Staying Healthy: Things You Need To Do

What You Should Know About Staying Healthy

Diabetes is a complex disease. It affects over 40 thousand VermonteGrandmother with little If you are one of them you probably know that it’s a 24/7 job.

Managing diabetes can be tricky, but there are many good resources and treatments to help keep you healthy. Most importantly you are in charge of managing your diabetes.

This means that you need to learn all you can about diabetes, how to control your blood sugar and how to prevent complications that occur from poorly controlled diabetes.

What To Do

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Diabetes and heart disease go hand in hand. Know the ABCs of diabetes and be smart about your heart.


“‘Have a great vacation.’

“I learned my lesson the hard way but I won’t forget it. My wife, Barbara, and I like to travel. I’ve had diabetes for a long time and I know I can travel and be active as long as I’m careful and monitor my blood sugar. So for our 25th anniversary, we went on a one-week cruise with some friends.

“At first I was checking my blood sugar faithfully. But that got tiresome and embarrassing—always having to find a bathroom or go back to our cabin to test my blood. I started taking chances. I ate at odd times. I didn’t miss any of my doses of medicine, though. I just wasn’t paying attention to what was going on. Not keeping things in balance was a mistake, as I found out when I almost passed out on the dance floor. Barb knew right away what had happened and insisted I eat some candy.

Then things snowballed down hill. When we went back to the cabin, Barb helped me take off my new “cruise shoes” and socks. That’s when she saw the blisters. I’m used to wearing sneakers or old, comfortable boots. Those new dress shoes did me in. Of course the blisters didn’t hurt, so if she hadn’t seen them they would have gotten even worse.

“It took months for my feet to heal, but I was lucky. I’ll be traveling again soon, and this time I’ll put my health first.

“You just can’t take that long a vacation from taking care of yourself.”

This guide is not a substitute for the judgment of trained professionals. If you are a person with diabetes you should seek care from a qualified practitioner.

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