Keep Alcohol Consumption in Check During the Holiday Season

For Immediate Release: Dec. 21, 2009
Media Contact: Communication Office

BURLINGTON – For many Vermonters, the holidays are filled with parties and celebrations with family and friends. During this time of joy and excitement, many people drink more alcohol than they usually would.

Take steps during this holiday season to give yourself the gift of health.

People with a family history of alcoholism or prior alcohol abuse are at increased risk for alcohol abuse. People who are under 21, pregnant women or women trying to become pregnant should not drink at all.

“Adults can help young people in the future by modeling responsible drinking behavior now,” said Barbara Cimaglio, deputy commissioner of Health for alcohol & drug abuse programs. “If you are going to drink, drink in moderation – be aware of your intake. Ultimately every Vermonter can have the gift of health by developing a healthier lifestyle in 2010.”

According to the most recent Health Status of Vermonters 2008 report, 49 percent of Vermonters age 18 to 25 reported binge drinking in the past 30 days, well above the national average for their age group.

Overall, drinking rates for Vermont adults exceed the national average, with more than 65 percent of Vermont adults having had a drink in the last month, compared to 56 percent for the nation as a whole.

“Alcohol is still the primary substance abused in our state. It has serious health and safety consequences for the people of Vermont,” Cimaglio said. “The holidays are a good time of year to reflect on your own alcohol use by calling a toll-free number for an anonymous alcohol screening. This can help you determine how alcohol might affects your own health, and its ultimate impact on the lives of families and friends.”

Give yourself the gift of health. Call 1-800-639-6095 for an anonymous, quick and personal alcohol screening. You can also go online at:


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