Hurricane Katrina Relief Efforts

People displaced by Hurricane Katrina are urged to contact a local chapter of the American Red Cross.

Local Chapters of the American Red Cross can find emergency shelter and other resources for people displaced by Hurricane Katrina. They are also prepared to connect those individuals with federal and state agencies and departments that can offer assistance.

People displaced by Hurricane Katrina need to register with FEMA for federal emergency assistance.

Anyone who has been displaced by this disaster will be eligible for federal assistance, but only if registered with FEMA. To register:

People can find family and friends displaced by Hurricane Katrina through the American Red Cross.

Where Vermonters can find the most Katrina relief information:

How Vermonters can help now:

Vermonters continue to express their interest in supporting the Hurricane Katrina relief efforts. Here are the greatest needs at this time:

Donate Tractor-Trailers & Drivers

Road-ready tractor-trailer trucks and drivers are needed to help transport the remaining supplies collected for Operation Special Delivery to the Gulf Coast. Individuals or businesses with tractor-trailer trucks and drivers that they can make available for this purpose should contact the State Emergency Operations Center at (800) 347-0488.

Specialized Medical Services

More than 100 Vermonters with specialized medical skills have already answered a call from the Emergency Management Assistance Compact (EMAC) for possible deployment to areas devastated by Hurricane Katrina. Individuals with specialized medical skills can sign up online at or by calling the Vermont Department of Health at 802-651-1561

Support the Red Cross Disaster Relief Fund

Vermonters interested in contributing to the relief effort can donate to the Red Cross Disaster Relief Fund by calling 1-800-HELP-NOW or by visiting

Volunteer at Local Red Cross

Vermonters who want to help those who have been displaced by the hurricane and are relocating to Vermont are urged to volunteer with their local chapter of the American Red Cross. Find local Red Cross contacts at

Donate to the Bush-Clinton Katrina Fund

Two of America’s former presidents are calling on all Americans to help the people of the Gulf Coast region by making a contribution to the Bush-Clinton Katrina Fund. For more information visit:

Specialized General Services

Vermonters who have another specialized service that they think may be helpful in the relief effort should call the State Emergency Operations Center at (800) 347-0488, from 8:00am-8:00pm.

Other Information

As the needs of the affected area continue to evolve, emergency relief officials are emphasizing that they are unable to accept additional collections of items such as clothing, food or cleaning supplies at this time. The most helpful contributions at this time include those listed above.

Coordinating Available Resources

Organizations with resources that may be useful in the relief effort should contact, and coordinate with, Vermont Emergency Management at the State Emergency Operations Center at (800) 347-0488, 8:00am-8:00pm.

Operation Special Delivery Update

Operation Special Delivery is one part of a three-part plan Governor Jim Douglas launched last Thursday to assist in the hurricane recovery effort. The Governor urged Vermonters to contribute nonperishable food and other supplies Friday and Saturday at 10 collection points organized throughout the state.

Thirty-five trucks packed with donated items from Vermonters arrived in Gulfport, Mississippi Monday night and all of Vermont’s contributions have been delivered to communities in the affected area.

Vermont’s supplies were among the very first to arrive in the region on Monday.

The convoy departed Brattleboro Saturday evening following two days of extraordinary relief work by the people of Vermont. The overwhelming and rapid response by thousands of Vermonters created loads of donated items that overflowed the trucks available for the current convoy. 

In addition to the impressive amount of items already delivered, additional tractor-trailers will be deployed to Gulfport in the near future. State officials are still seeking road-ready tractor-trailers and drivers for the second convoy.

Call the State Emergency Operations Center at 800-347-0488 if you have these assets available for the effort.

Other State Efforts

In addition to Operation Special Delivery, state officials are also coordinating specialized state government assets, such as public health officers, special transportation and hazardous material teams that may be deployed to the affected region.

Vermont Emergency Management is working through the channels provided in the Emergency Management Assistance Compact (EMAC) to identify specific needs in affected areas and match those needs with state resources.

The third component of Vermont’s response involves the deployment of 125 members of the Vermont National Guard who are now on the scene providing security and assisting in the relief effort.