2003 Recall Roundup: Check Your Home for Hazardous Consumer Products

For immediate release:
April 29, 2003

Contact: Stephanie Courcy
Vermont Department of Health

BURLINGTON, VT - Despite recall notices and warnings, consumers continue to use products that have the potential to seriously injure or kill, according to the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC). The CPSC unveiled a list of many common hazardous consumer products and urged consumers to use the list to check their homes and destroy or fix unsafe products.

“We don’t want to see deaths or serious injuries caused by previously recalled products or by products that don’t meet current safety standards. We want to prevent these needless tragedies,” said Stephanie Courcy of the Vermont Department of Health. “Through recalls, safety standards, and consumer information, CPSC helps make American homes safer by taking hazardous products off the market and identifying those products that need to be fixed to be safe.”

Below are some of the hazardous products that consumers are most likely to find in their homes:

Consumers can get the current list of dangerous products, as well as register to receive automatic announcements of all future CPSC recalls, at the agency’s Web site: www.cpsc.gov

In 2001 the Vermont legislature passed Act 42, Children’s Product Safety, which directs the Department of Health to create a comprehensive list of unsafe children’s products, recalled children’s products, and children’s products that do not conform to children’s product standards. Act 42 prohibits the selling or leasing of a listed product, the manufacturing and selling or leasing of a listed product, and the retrofitting and selling or leasing, without federal approval and documentation, of a listed product. More information about Act 42 can be found at http://www.healthyvermonters.info/hi/childsafety/act42.shtml